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Book by Robert Igo Music and Lyrics by Jeff C. Kunins

©1993 Robert Igo and Jeff C. Kunins

Dramatis Personae (in order of appearance)


Greg - Dean's aide Joe - Dean's friend - a lawyer Rick - Dean's paralegal Dean - A lawyer Cassandra - Dean's ex-girlfriend - a lawyer Brenda - Dean's secretary Chief - In Dean's firm Merill Weber - A wealthy and unscrupulous client


Teiivio - (Tay´ - vee - o ) (Weber) An evil being, capable of manipulating the pain we try to hide Bharoon/Barnan- (Bay - roon´) / (Bar´ - nuhn) An old mage who imprisoned Teiivio 300 years ago Villagers Lady of Daulglenn Lord of Daulglenn Kara - (Kah´ - ruh) (Cassandra) Captain of the Guard, a perfectionist with an intense fear of failure Nivek, (Nih´ - vehk) (Joe) Samal, (Sah - mahl´) (Greg) Jober - (Joe - behr´) (Rick) Members of Kara's guard Leena - (Lee´ - nuh) (Brenda) Innkeeper (Janna's mother), woman of great wisdom Rh'Mel - (Ruh - mel´) (Chief) A villager who doesn't believe Teiivio is coming, thinks Barnan is crazy Kurath - (Kuh - rath´) Head Paladin of Elestra's Temple Feruq - (Feh - ruke´) A Paladin of extreme blind faith D'Nak, (Duh - nak') Loreth - (Low - reth´) Paladins of Elestra's Temple Scout - Temple's scout Janna - (Jan' uh ) A young woman, Dean's ideal "trophy" Cultists Worshippers of Teiivio Kritch - (Krihtch) A cultist, Teiivio's right hand man Britz, (Brits) Greck - (Grek) Cultists Ravier - (Rah - vee - air´) High priest of Teiivio's cult Amalasam - (Ah - mah´ - lah- sahm) Princess of Lasam, a naive young woman who thinks Teiivio is her friend Carpenter - The leader of a village Messenger - Royal messenger


(The curtain opens on a figure trapped in the earth. There is a magical bond on him which has been fading for about 300 years, and it is finally reaching the breaking point. The bond is portrayed as several souls surrounding his crouching body, in such a way that they obscure him from the audience. The souls ripple and writhe, almost hypnotically. This continues for a while. Some of the souls start to weaken and break off, one by one. When half of them are gone, a heartbeat is heard. A slow, irregular series of heartbeats follows. As this happens, more souls leave, and the crouched figure starts to breathe - the heartbeat stabilizes to a slow, deep rhythm. When all the souls have left, he suddenly looks up with a piercing sound effect followed by silence, and a bright light shines on his face. He is Teiivio. He is slightly contemplative as he speaks, as if he's just now able to react to something which happened to him before he was imprisoned.)

Teiivio: "...deceived..."

(He stands up and he smiles just a bit and turns to face Barnan. As he begins his line, lighting is set up so that we can see Teiivio delivering his line to Barnan, who is lying in bed asleep.)

Teiivio: (slowly) "I don't know how I'm going to make you suffer yet, old friend, but when I have finished with you, your death will be the greatest gift you have ever received!"

(Both Teiivio and Barnan are lit, and Barnan wakes up and looks at Teiivio.)

Barnan: "Teiivio!"

(Fade on Teiivio.)

************************************************************************ ACT I SCENE 2

(The coffee-room/lounge of a prestigious Manhattan law firm. Greg, Rick, and Joe enter wearing business suits.)

Joe: "The look on his face was priceless."


Rick: "Yeah, but did you see Sandy? She was like..." (makes caricatured look of shock on his face, half-cracking up while he does it)

Greg: (Hysterical) "So what's going on between you two, anyway?"

Joe: "Just business. She said that it wasn't the right time for her to get into a relationship with anyone."

Rick: "Hmmph... I've heard that one before."

Joe: "Well, I don't think she'd lie about it, but -"

Dean: (offstage) "Good morning, gentlemen!"

Joe: (indicating Dean with his thumb) "But I think she's still got feelings for your friend there. See you two at lunch, right?"

Greg: "Yeah, see you then."

Rick: "Yeah."

(Joe exits. Dean enters.)

Dean: "Why's Joe in such a hurry?"

Greg: "Who knows ..."

Dean: "This is a momentous day, gentlemen! Merril Weber has an 8:30 with us. And why is that?"

Greg: "Because he likes his defense team to be tired as hell, I guess."

Dean: "Oh, stop whining - the correct answer is: he heard we were the best."

Rick: "Dean, don't kid yourself. He chose us instead of his own attorneys because they refused the case. You wanna know what I heard?"

Dean: "Rick, Rick, Rick, you should know better than to listen to rumors."

Greg: "Well, rumors or no rumors, this is going to be hell to defend."

Dean: "I'm aware of that. Just don't let Weber think that, too, and we'll be set, okay?"

Rick: "The bastard's guilty and you know it, Dean."

Dean: "Look, if we win this one, I'll make partner for sure."

Greg: "Yeah, if we win."

Rick: "Great, Dean, great... more bloody dollar signs."

Greg: "You know, I've heard some things about Weber, too -"

Dean: "Hey, come on; we've all heard things about him - we've heard things about all our clients, and not all of them turned out to be assholes."

(Cassandra enters)

Rick: "Hey, Sandy!"

Cassandra: (smiling) "Ugh I hate morning people. There's something wrong with anyone who doesn't need coffee to wake up in the morning. Yawn Excuse me - so what's up, gentlemen?... Dean ..."

(Dean smirks.)

Greg: "Well, we have a new client."

Cassandra: "You sound thrilled..."

Rick: "Merril... Weber."

Cassandra: (to Dean) "You're defending that scum?"

Dean: "Cassandra, I'm shocked. (smirking) You realize that as his attorney, I could sue you for slander."

Brenda: (peeking in the room) "Your father is on line one, Mr. Ballenger."

Dean: "...Thanks, Brenda. I'll take it in my office."

(Dean exits the room and crosses to his office, collapsing into his chair. He stares at the phone contemplatively, sadly.)

Rick: "I can't believe you two were together for so long."

Cassandra: "Well, I try to put it out of my mind. You know, I keep wondering why I stayed with him for so long... There really is a good person in there somewhere, but toward the end, it was just too much to deal with."

Greg: "Do you still love him?"

Cassandra: (pause) "I love the part of him that drew me to him in the first place, but it's not enough. I just can't take the disappointment anymore."

(Back to Dean. He takes in a deep breath and picks up the phone. Cheerfully, he begins to speak.)

Dean: "Hi, Dad, how're you? Great. Oh, I'm doing fine - I've just been retained by a very wealthy client, and once I win his case, I stand to make, oh... at least enough to finish the payments on the Mercedes. laugh... thanks... yeah, well it was just a matter of time. Oh, listen - tonight I thought we'd have dinner at the ..."

(His face takes on a hurt look as he listens.)

"Why? Oh, I see... Well, I guess you'll have to come down another time... No, I understand. This hasn't bothered me since I was 12, why should it start to now? Nothing - I didn't mean anything by it. I'm used to it, that's all - listen, I have to go now. Uh-huh. Yeah. Yeah bye."

(He hangs up. He looks very much hurt.)

Dean: "Brenda - "

Brenda: (entering the office) "Yes, Mr. Ballenger?"

Dean: "Cancel my reservations for tonight."

Brenda: "All of them?"

Dean: (angrily) "Yes. Why, is that a problem, Brenda?"

Brenda: "Well, I was just thinking that you're going to lose your deposit on the lim-"

(A glare from Dean sends her quickly out of the room. Blackout on him.)

************************************************************************ ACT I SCENE 3 (There is a harvest festival going on, celebrating Daulglenn's prosperity and happiness and giving thanks to Elestra in the hope of a bountiful harvest.)

SONG: "Festival Night"

All: Everyone, everyone, come to the festival. Though it is cloudy our spirits are bright. On again, on again, on to the festival. Come and rejoice on the festival night.

Men: We pray to Elestra, Bringer of dawn, keeper of day. Grant us your blessing, your blessing, Happiness, health, and good fortune, Elestra we pray.

All: Pumpkin and broccoli, corn, wheat, and raddishes. These are seeds that we sow in the spring. Celery, sage, sweet potato, and garlic, In hope of the harvest we dance and sing.

Women: We pray to Elestra, Lord of the field, queen of the sky. Grant us your blessing, your blessing, A bountiful harvest we pray on this festival night.

(A provincial dance)

All: We pray to Elestra, Mother of hope, giver of light. Grant us your blessing, your blessing, A bountiful life we pray on this festival night.

Everyone, everyone, come to the - Everyone, everyone, come to the - Come and rejoice on the festival night.

(At the end of the song, Barnan breaks in, running from his hut to the outside.)

Barnan: "Oh no, he's escaped - Kara! KARA! Come here at once!"

Kara: (breaking away as the crowd leaves for the festival) "Barnan, are you allright? Were you having nightmares again?"

Barnan: "Believe me, I wish it were a nightmare." (He grasps her by the arms and continues.) "Now listen... I know this will sound absurd, but you have to believe me... Teiivio has escaped."

Kara: (out of respect, quickly contains a laugh) "ahem Oh, I see..."

Barnan: "I don't blame you for laughing, but please, hear me out."

(enter Nivek)

Nivek: "Is everything okay here, Kara?"

Barnan: (goes to Nivek) "No. No it's not, Nivek... Teiivio has escaped."

(Nivek bursts out laughing. Kara smacks him on the back of the head, glaring at him to stop.)

Kara: (whispers to Nivek) "You'd do well to show some respect. And straighten up!" (Nivek straightens up his posture instantly.)

(Leena's voice is heard, probably yelled from a distance.)

Leena: "What's wrong over there?"

Kara: "Go inform them that everything's under control."

(Nivek exits)

Barnan: "Everything is NOT under control! Elestra be damned, are you deaf, woman? Teiivio has escaped!"

Kara: "So you've been saying. Look, Barnan, he's just a legend. Even if you want to go according to the story, he can never escape the eternal imprisonment inflicted upon him."

Barnan: "Yes, I know the legend well, but like all legends, it's based heavily in reality. Teiivio is all too real."

Kara: "And what makes you think he's escaped?"

Barnan: "I saw it in a vision."

Kara: "You mean in a nightmare!"

Barnan: "No, child; I know the difference between a vision and a nightmare - believe me, I've had plenty of both. Kara, I saw Teiivio standing right there, and he was as real to me as you are. And he's free whether or not you heed my warning."

Kara: "Allright. Then why did this vision come to you and not to me?"

Barnan: "What do you mean?"

Kara: "Well, if our village is in danger, then shouldn't the vision have come to its defender?"

Barnan: "Well, perhaps because I'm the only one old enough to remember the true events - I don't know. It's all very unimportant how it happened - what's important is that he has escaped, and we must prepare for him!"

Kara: "Look, he can't possibly have escaped. The spell was permanent, the legend makes that clear."

Barnan: "You're too young to remember the way it was told in my time, but the imprisonment was viewed only as a temporary measure, something to keep him dormant until a way could be found to get rid of him for good. Over the years, people have tailored the legend to calm their fears. What would you rather hear? That a powerful beast has been locked away for all eternity, or that he might escape at any time?"

Kara: "I'm sorry, Barnan. I've never doubted your judgment before, but how am I supposed to believe all this?"

Barnan: (reaching) "Well, what about the omens? According to the legend of Teiivio, what signs would accompany his escape from imprisonment?"

Kara: "For the last time, I told you his imprisonment was eternal. There's nothing about -"

Barnan: "Sorry, I forgot - wait here."

Kara: "Bar-... sigh"

(Barnan goes back inside and grabs a very old, dusty book.)

Barnan: "Take a look at this."

Kara: (reading the book's title) "The Day of Reckoning. Isn't this what the cults base their religion on?"

Barnan: "Yes, now -"

Kara: "Well, what are you doing with it?"

Barnan: "groan Just read me the first few lines in the chapter entitled Escape."

Kara: "You can't be serious... (glare from Barnan) Okay...

When night's twin jewels spout blood and flame, The jailer's keep shall sunder his chain. Rise, armies, go forth to war again. The beast shall-"

Barnan: "That's enough, thank you. Now. If you saw the signs, would that be enough to convince you? The moons are approaching their peak now, shall we wait and see?"

(increasing volume of offstage voices from the festival draws her attention away)

Kara: "I've played along enough, Barnan, and it's too cloudy to see anything anyway. I have a post to stand, and I don't have time to stand here with you and stargaze."

Barnan: "You will not mock me, Kara! Oh, Kara, I can remember a time when you used to look up to me. I remember when you came to this village, barely a grown woman, your eyes wide with all the wonder of a child. I was genuinely surprised that someone your age would have earned the right to study under me. You used... you used to respect me as a friend and teacher, but now I see that such things cannot last forever. So long ago, my name was synonymous with knowledge and wisdom. Now, so many people don't remember all the things I've done - all they see is an ancient relic taking up space. It hurts me deeply to think of you as one of those people, Kara, it really does."

Kara: "But Barnan, you know I've defended you in every way I could. I kept my faith in you and then out of nowhere you start going on and on about some old fairy tale, and... I can't stand by you on this one, I'm sorry... I just can't."

(Kara begins to walk away.)

Barnan: (to the sky) "Show me."

(The clouds separate to show the white moonlight. Then, the moon of blood casts its red light... Kara stops dead in her tracks. The second moon, the moon of fire shines now, too.)

Kara: "What in Elestra's name?"

Nivek: (running in, out of breath) "Barnan, the moons - what's going on?"

Barnan: (to Nivek) "All in good time - now, I need you to go get Samal and Jober and have them send representatives from each area. I'll explain what it all means and what has to be done."

(Nivek rushes off. Kara looks like she's about to say something more to Barnan to apologize, but she can't think of any words. She's stunned.)

Barnan: (smiles) "I understand. Now go." (Kara exits)

(Barnan paces, nervously.)

SONG: "Teiivio"

Barnan: Too many long years, I have lived this masquerade. I thought the past was just that, the past, And then it comes and stares me in the face. Teiivio, I thought that you were gone from this place, Gone from this place.

And I gotta find a way to make it right. Muster up the magic again, Call in from the night, Something to fight, Teiivio. You broke your bonds, escaped your chains. Now you walk again and you revel in the Carnage and pain. I won't stop till you're slain. Teiivio... Teiivio.

(It is not long before the first person arrives to see what is the matter.)

Lady: "Barnan, why are both the moons red - is something wrong?"

Barnan: "Well, you see, there's no need to panic; I'll explain when everyone -"

(It soon becomes apparent that the guards could not get around the town in time to properly calm everyone because bunches of people show up. The crowd is a load roar of frightened or confused people.)

(over the voices of the crowd) "Please - calm down - just... Quiet! Quiet!"

(Kara shows up with her group of guards.)

Kara: (scowling) "SILENCE!" (There is silence.)

Barnan: "Now... the most important thing is that we don't panic."

(The group seems to agree.)

"Good, now, I'm sure you've all seen the moons and are wondering what is going on."

Leena: "For a moment there, I thought Teiivio had escaped." (laughter in the crowd)

Barnan: "Ah, I see that some still know the tale as it was first told. Now, what I'm about to say may seem far-fetched, but... but I ask you to accept that Leena is right. These are indeed the signs of Teiivio's escape."

(some more laughter, a little more nervous)

"Some of you forget that I was around when Teiivio was imprisoned. I remember that the legend is true."

Kara: "Barnan is not a man to be laughed at! We have discussed this matter, and he has my complete faith. If he says Teiivio has escaped, then he has."

(murmur turns into slight panic)

Barnan: "Please - please! He has escaped, yes, but all is not yet lost. We are only doomed if we succumb to fear and disorganization!"

(Barnan successfully turns the panic into a murmur.)

"What we must do is evacuate those who are not warriors by trade to Lasam Castle where it will be safer. We must send runners to the neighboring villages and warn them that this is indeed real - tell them that Barnan of Daulglenn has said it is so."

Lady: "So what are the rest of us supposed to do?"

Barnan: "Those of you who are fit will help the young and unwell to make their long journey, and the warriors will stay here to assist me with my plan."

(The warriors in the crowd look over to Kara who is beaming. They gravitate toward her.)

"I'm going to summon a beast so hideous and destructive that even Teiivio cannot defeat it. I will need their help to hold it at bay until it can be unleashed on Teiivio."

(Kara is stunned - she's going to baby-sit a demon instead of fighting.)

Child: "What kind of monster - a dragon? A demon? A huuuuuuuuuuuuge giant?"

Barnan: "No, no, no, something far worse than a demon from the depths of the Abyss" (more to himself) "- it has to be if this is to work."

Lord: "Well, what then?"

Barnan: "... I will let the magic decide - it knows far better than I would."

(The crowd is murmuring. The beginnings of arguments start up.)

(Kara draws Barnan aside.)

Barnan: "Yes, child?"

Kara: "I thought I would be the one to fight him."

Barnan: "What gave you that idea?"

Kara: "Well, I am the captain of the guard."

Barnan: "Teiivio has been killing for thousands of years - I don't feel you'd be a match for him, I'm sorry."

Rh'Mel: "I can't believe you're all falling for this! You're letting this crazy old man use you to inflate his ego and renew your faith in him. I've lived in Daulglenn all my life, and I have no intention of abandoning my home just because old Barnan tells me to."

Barnan: "Can't you see I'm trying to save you?"

Rh'Mel: "Give the hero racket a rest, old man! I don't know what you've got planned, but I know you're up to no good."

(A few people murmur in agreement.)

Leena: "Barnan has never led us astray before, why would he deceive us now?"

SONG: "Listen to That

("For" - chorus of those who believe Barnan "Nay" - chorus of those who think he's crazy and wasting their time)

Nay: Listen to that! What is he talking about? For: Listen to that! How can we survive? Nay#1: Be quiet old man! Nay#2: Stop talking of monsters... For: Shut up over there! For#1: Some of us are trying to hear. For: Barnan, Barnan, Tell us what happened. Barnan, Barnan, Show us where to go. Should we stay, Should we try to fight him? Should we flee, Far from Teiivio? Rh'Mel: I can't believe this, Should I be sick or die from laughter? The monster from my daughter's storybook Has come to life and threatens mine? Very good, my aging friend You're quite a legend in your mind. Nay: Tell us for we want to know, What is it that you're after? Nay#1: Eternal fame? Nay#2: Is this some kind of game? Nay: So where's the great disaster? For: When is he coming? Nay: Who says he's coming? All: Why is he coming here? When will Teiivio come here, Barnan? Nay: Will he kill us all here, Barnan? For: Help us, we are frightened, Barnan! Barnan: Hear me out, Settle down your voices. While we fight the beast rejoices, Save your angry cries for him. The signs are clear, What can I do so you believe me? I swear my senses don't deceive me. Teiivio is free and quite alive, We must fight if we're to survive. For: Barnan, Barnan, Tell us what happened. Barnan, Barnan, Show us where to go. Should we stay, Should we try to fight him? Should we flee, Far from Teiivio? Nay: When is he coming? For: When is he coming? All: Why is he coming here? When will Teiivio come here, Barnan? Will he kill us all here, Barnan? For: Help us, we are frightened, Barnan! (staggered) Nay: Listen to that! For: Listen to that! Nay: Listen to that! For: Listen to that! Nay: Listen to that! For: Listen to that! (together) Nay: Listen to that! Barnan: You must believe me. For: Listen to that! Rh'Mel: You won't deceive me. All: Listen to that! Listen to that!

(A little fight starts up between the two factions toward the end. Most of the people leave. Kara and her guards start evacuation procedures, exiting. Leena stays.)

Barnan: "Leena, you must leave for your own good."

Leena: "What, and leave men to run the village? Hah. I left my boys alone once. I don't want to come back here and see the village look the way my home did."

(She exits. Barnan goes to say something in protest as she leaves, but no words come out. He shakes his head in disappointment.)

(Enter Nivek)

Nivek: "Barnan, there are many people who refuse to be evacuated. Should I use force?"

Barnan: "No... No, let them stay. There's nothing we can do but pray they change their minds in time. We all make our own decisions... Continue to evacuate the others."

(Nivek leaves. Barnan looks up at the moons and shades his eyes with his hands as if to confirm that this is really happening. He stops this and finishes "Teiivio")

SONG: "Teiivio" (cont.)

I toss and turn, the nightmares burn. The midnight moons run red. I scream in vain to try to explain, But some of them don't want to know. To them I'm just an Old man with the withered hands, withered mind. You saw the signs, Don't be so blind.

And I gotta find a way to make it right. Muster up the magic again, Call in from the night, Something to fight, Teiivio. You broke your bonds, escaped your chains. Now you walk again and you revel in the Carnage and pain. I won't stop till you're slain. Teiivio... Teiivio.

These hands have rested for too long. To your death I consecrate this song. I pray Elestra make me strong, And guide my heart, my mind 'cause I

Gotta find a way to make it right. Muster up the magic again, Call in from the night, Something to fight, Teiivio. You broke your bonds, escaped your chains. Now you walk again and you revel in the Carnage and pain. I won't stop till you're slain. Teiivio. Teiivio.

(Barnan looks at the book, picks it up, and exits.)

************************************************************************ ACT I SCENE 4

(Dean's Office. Greg and Rick knock and enter the office)

Rick: "Barracuda incoming in 5...4..3..2.."

(enter Chief and Weber)

Chief: "Mister Weber, I'd like you to meet Dean Ballenger."

(Weber shakes Dean's hand.)

Weber: "Pleasure to finally meet you face to face, Dean."

Dean: (a little nervous, but hiding it well) "The pleasure's all mine, sir. This is Gregory Rouse, my aide."

Greg: "Sir."

(Weber shakes his hand, nods and smiles.)

Dean: "And Richard Racchini, my paralegal."

(Rick doesn't say a word. He shakes Weber's hand and smiles tightly. Weber is irritated by this.)

Chief: (Trying to gloss over Rick's rudeness) "ahem Well, now that we're all acquainted, I'll let you gentlemen get down to business." (exit)

(They sit.)

Dean: "We've reviewed your case thoroughly, Mr. Weber, and we've drawn up several defenses, depending on which way you want to go with this."

Weber: "There's one way I want to go with this, Ballenger. I want to win. Before we start, do you want to know why my attorneys refused the case?"

Dean: "It's really none of my business, sir."

Weber: "Oh, I think it is. You have every right to know... They refused it because they felt that it was indefensible, that the evidence against me was overwhelming. Do you know why that is?"

Dean: "No."

Weber: "Because I'm guilty, that's why. Oh, I covered my tracks thoroughly enough, but it seems as if some people with very poor judgment have talked. Your job is to make sure you can discredit these people - make them look like incompetent fools. Or, if you can't do that," (opens briefcase) "let them know we have these."

Rick: "Why didn't you just use those in the first place?"

Dean: "Mr. Weber, you're not asking us to break the law, are you?"

Weber: "Of course not, Ballenger. What would give you that impression? I merely have some items that might be of interest to some of my ex-employees..."

(This sinks in. Rick looks angry. Greg looks disgusted.)

"Do you still want this case, Ballenger? I warn you, anything less than total devotion to winning, no matter the cost, is simply unacceptable. Will these tactics of mine cause your devotion to falter in any way? Because I'll tell you right now, if you're going to develop a conscience, I can not only find someone else to do the job, but I can make it known that you're not to be trusted with delicate matters such as this. And believe me, I have many very prominent associates. In short, I can either make you or ruin you... So what's it going to be, Ballenger?"

(Pause as Dean thinks it over.)

Dean: "I think we can accommodate you, sir."

(Greg, Rick look shocked.)

Weber: (smiles) "Good. Now let's see what you've come up with so far."


******************************************************************* ACT I SCENE 5

(A temple of some sort, guarded by Paladins - holy warriors. The temple is not actively in use; rather, it appears to be some sort of holy fort. There is a line of torches running along the stage, apparently continuing offstage for a bit - necessary to see anyone approach on such a dark night. There are woods down stage. Initially, Feruq and Kurath are the only ones there.)

Feruq: "What a dark night; neither moon dares to show its face..."

(She shivers. Kurath is anxiously looking for someone and doesn't hear Feruq.)

Kurath: "Where are they? They should have been here by now."

Feruq: "Even they aren't usually this late."

Kurath: "When I was your age, no one would dare to be late. This was a post of the greatest honor, surpassed only by service in -"

(Loreth and D'Nak walk in)

Kurath: "Well, you're late again! What if Teiivio were to -"

Loreth: "Yes, I'm sure the beast is going to make his way back from his eternal imprisonment in Hell during the few extra minutes it took us to get here."

D'Nak: (pokes Loreth) "We're sorry, Kurath - it won't happen again."

Kurath: "You've broken that promise to me far too many times for me to believe it now, D'Nak. Now, Feruq, on the other hand, is always prompt - and I might add she excels in her theological studies. You two would do well to follow her example."

Loreth: "Yeah, I really want to be like Feruq."

(glare from Feruq)

D'Nak: "Why are we needed here anyway? No one besides the cult or any child under the age of 5 still believes in Teiivio anymore.

Feruq: "The church of Elestra wants us to be here, so we're here - that's all we need to know. Why do you doubt the holy word, D'Nak?"

Loreth: "Some of us are still capable of independent thought, that's why. I can't believe how blind you are."

Feruq: "What!?"

D'Nak: "Hey, that was uncalled for."

Loreth: "Am I wrong?"

Kurath: "Allright, I've had just about enough of this. Both of you should know better than to get into such petty arguments on holy ground."

Feruq: "Petty arguments? But D'Nak doubted the church!"

Kurath: "Nothing wrong with that. A little doubt every now and then is good for the soul. I used to be very much like you, Feruq - when I was much younger, of course. One day I began to doubt the significance of this post. Why guard an old temple against a mythical creature when there were any number of things I could do for the people? But I realized something. We have to be aware of Evil. We shouldn't give into it, of course, but we must acknowledge its presence and respect it. Because the day we forget it's there is the day it will be right here to remind us."

Feruq: "You want us to respect evil?"

D'Nak: "Just be aware of it, and respect what it's capable of doing. Don't underestimate it, that's all."

Kurath: "We are a living reminder to our people and to ourselves that Evil still exists no matter how long it lies dormant, and that we are prepared to fight it when it..."

Feruq: "... Kurath, what's wrong?"

Kurath: "Awakens..."

(His eyes widen with surprise and fear.)

(drawing his sword) "Can it be?"

Loreth: "You're just joking with us, right?... Aren't you?"

(A scout yells down from atop the temple, offstage)

Scout: "There's a large man approaching... No sign of weapons."

Feruq: "Kurath, what's going on?"

(Kurath says nothing. He is bewildered. The other three draw their swords as well.)

Loreth: (nervous) "Oh no, no, no, no. This is some kind of test you set up, right?"

Kurath: "Geveck maka salash"

Loreth: "RIGHT?"

Kurath: "Well, help me!"

(D'Nak and Feruq begin repeating the same words as Kurath. Loreth looks off to the distance fearfully and then starts doing the same as the others. The air becomes magically charged.)

Kurath: (yelling up to the tower) "The alert is given! The temple is under attack!"

Scout: "What? That's a bit of a fuss over one person, isn't it?"


Scout: (the fine, if you really want it that bad voice)"Yes, sir."

(Sounds of people clambering about, getting to their posts.. After a delay, we hear the sound of dozens of arrows being fired from atop the tower.)

"Three direct hits!... No, he's still heading for us."

(Kurath looks very disappointed and grim.)

Feruq: "Isn't there anything we can do?"

Kurath: "Pray..."

(Teiivio enters and looks insulted. He tosses three arrows individually on the ground in front of the Paladins.)

Teiivio: (indignant) "Only four?"

Kurath: (in a powerful voice) "In the name of Elestra I command -"

Teiivio: "Your goddess dares to insult me by assigning only four Paladins to guard my sword?"

D'Nak: "His sword?"

Kurath: "Beast of evil, I command you -"

Teiivio: (interrupting)"Yes, yes, now, hand over my sword. I know it's here - I SENSE it."

Loreth: "This isn't happening - this isn't happening."

(The other paladins say nothing - they're still in shock).

Teiivio: "No? Very well ..."

(He yawns as he starts walking toward them.)

Kurath: "NOW!"

(All four Paladins make a sign, and the magically-charged air forms into an energy bolt which shoots at Teiivio, knocking him back a few feet.)

Teiivio: "Ooooo."

(Teiivio is more surprised than hurt. He doesn't even speak; he just rushes at them and kills them. Teiivio kills Kurath, Loreth, and D'Nak easily, leaving Feruq standing, frightened, shaking, etc. Teiivio is about to kill her too, but pauses midway and laughs at her, smacking her aside.)

(contemptfully) "Mortal."

(Teiivio goes into the temple.)

SONG - "Feruq's Invocation"

Feruq: Who is this man that I see? What beast of Hell is he, Causing these brave men to die, And leaving me alive?

There on the ground lie the dead, The bodies of my friends. I raise my voice to the sky And ask the heavens why

I have been spared their fate While they fall to him, To his wrath. You monster, What do you want from me?

(Feruq is checking to see if her fellow guards are indeed dead. She tries healing them, chanting spells, etc. She can't bring them back. As she's doing this, we hear some noise from inside the temple; Teiivio is going through more trouble. Feruq performs some sort of last rites for the bodies. Teiivio eventually comes out with a box, and opens it. A sword is inside. He pulls out the sword.)

Feruq: "You bastard..."

Teiivio: (raises an eyebrow thoughtfully) "Actually, I am."

(He hoists Feruq onto a nearby rock, putting them eye to eye)

Teiivio: "What is your name?"

Feruq: (startled) "... Feruq"

Teiivio: "Feruq, when I walked this world long ago, things were more challenging for me. Now, sadly, it seems as if Good has lost its respect for Evil. They have forgotten their own darker side and have worked toward... peace. What a foolish thing to do, don't you agree?"

Feruq: (Feruq begins to vehemently disagree) "No, of course not. We -"

Teiivio: (interrupting): "Do you know that not one of my victims cried out my name? They didn't even recognize me. I had my suspicions, but now I know they've forgotten me - you can see it all around you - feel the... Good in the air - how incredibly unpleasant. Ah, that will have to change."

Feruq: "Teiivio... I don't know how, but... but it has to be you."

Teiivio: "Of course it is. Now why do you suppose they didn't know that, hmm? Terrible what a lack of education can lead to, isn't it?"

Feruq: (picking up her sword again) "I must destroy you ..."

Teiivio: "Oh, come now, why must it be like this? You try to kill me, then I just have to waste time thinking of a creative way to kill you, and I'd probably end up getting all bloody again. Neither of us wants that."

Feruq: (finding a little courage, voice steadier, approaching): "It is my duty."

Teiivio: "Why?"

(Feruq stops, looks a bit puzzled. Sort of a "that's obvious - why would someone ask that" expression.)

Feruq: "Because I serve Good and you serve Evil. If you aren't stopped, you'll kill more innocent people."

Teiivio: "Don't believe for a second that anyone is innocent - I've tasted the blood of more than one murderer and adulterer since my awakening."

Feruq: "But they didn't deserve to die! You had no right to kill them!"

SONG: "Day Of Reckoning"

Teiivio: Don't go on and on to me about the innocent and pure. Pathetic moralistic nonsense is more than I can endure. What makes you think you have the right, To judge another's black from white? Don't point your finger at my ways With that sword in my face.

Feruq: Infernal beast, you take the holy word in vain. By your hand my friends are slain. Devil of the blackest night, How can you dare to call that right?

Teiivio: Those foolish men stood in my way.

Feruq: They served their god why should they pay?

Teiivio: Spare me your sentimental heart.

Feruq: The stage is set, I'll play my part.

Both: Another battle has begun. The Day of Reckoning has come.

Teiivio: "But I don't care to debate this with you further... Hmm, what shall I do with you now?... Ah! What if I gave you the opportunity to redeem yourself in the eyes of your goddess? I could give you a chance to warn your precious little innocents that you hold so dear. Tell them that they must flee because Teiivio has returned."

Feruq: (suspiciously) "Why?"

Teiivio: "To spare their lives, of course. Let them run, have them get out of my way, or I'll just have to kill them."

Feruq: "But why would you do this? Why would you give them a chance to escape? You're evil - you live to destroy. Why would you risk losing the opportunity to kill by letting me go to warn others?"

Teiivio: "Otherwise, they would just be there, waiting for me to kill them; if I let you go, then it would be a sport - a race against Good if you will."

Feruq: "How do I know you won't go ahead of me and kill them anyway?"

Teiivio: "What purpose would that serve? Why would I waste my time just to torment you? I could save you the trouble of making this difficult decision and just kill you now if you like. Oh, but all those senseless deaths you could have prevented..."

Feruq: "How can I possibly trust you?"

Teiivio: "What do I have to gain by deception?"

Feruq: "I don't know..."

Teiivio: "This has become tiresome, I'm just going to kill you -"

Feruq: "Wait!"

Teiivio: "Yes?"

Feruq: "If it's for the greater good, then I... I have no choice. I will do as you've suggested."

(Feruq turns to leave.)

Teiivio: "As I knew you would..."

(Feruq turns around and looks at Teiivio uneasily, then looks at her fallen friends and leaves.)

Teiivio: (laughing a bit, looks up to the sky) "Your pawn is now mine, Elestra!" (he stops looking up and speaks to himself): "And as for you, old friend, you're hiding yourself from me. No matter; the longer you remain hidden, the more I have to kill to keep myself amused. All those lives on your conscience, coming to haunt you at night. It must be torture. laugh Good!"

SONG: "Master of the Night"

Teiivio: How foolish to believe that I'd forever be in chains, My Evil eating at the bonds, my burning hatred the remains. Old man stop living out your lies, You are the same as I. You cannot chain your sordid past, I have returned at last.

Free once again to kill, Bend them to my will. Vengeance will be mine, My friend at last has come your time.

Finally I can hear my victims cry in fear. How I really do enjoy being able to destroy Men and women of the right, I am the master of the night.

You foolish little girl, your tiny mind is so naive. Desperate to be doing Goodness, begging me to be deceived. Feruq, go warn them! Hurry, run To save your precious ones. Alas, no matter what they choose, You are condemned to lose.

Go, shout it to the sky, Tell them it is I. They have forgotten who I am. And for that sin the fools are damned.

Go ahead and run, The chase is half the fun. My wrath about to burst, I'm finally to quench my thirst. Oh, there will be blood tonight, I am the Master of the night.

(He laughs as if he is genuinely enjoying this. Blackout.)

******************************************************************** ACT I SCENE 6

(The stage is split. The first half is Dean's office again, with Dean, Greg, and Rick as they were before. It begins in darkness. The second half lights up to show Barnan. He's on top of a hill, with his arms outstretched, his back to the audience. He begins casting a spell. The lights go back up on the first half of the stage.)

(Greg shakes his head in disbelief.)

Rick: "I can't believe you got us involved with this guy!"

Dean: "Look, we know that a lot of our clients were probably involved with stuff like this at some point. So this one confirms our suspicions - big fuckin' deal. Our job is to defend our client to the best of our ability - that's our role in this system."

Greg: "Is it also our role to blackmail the prosecution's witnesses?"

Dean: "It's not gonna come to that. I think we can either discredit them or come up with enough counter-evidence to nullify them. We're going to win this legitimately, okay?"

Rick: "You know this is wrong, Dean. Somewhere deep down you know this is wrong."

Dean: "If either of you want out, then go."

Greg: "Well, Weber didn't exactly give us much of a choice, career-wise, did he?"

Rick: "Now I can see why Sandy left you. You seem like you're allright, everybody's friend, and then you go and do something stupid like this and end up dragging everyone down with you - you don't give a shit about the consequences, you just keep climbing the ladder and don't care whose heads you step on!"

(Thunder and lightning gradually build in both worlds.)

Barnan: "Makas zaubus rohsmanus! Asha sata malak! Kora demmu ommen!"

Dean: "If anything, I've been pulling you up with me, and for the record, I left Cassandra!... Look, I think we all just need some time to cool off. We've got a lot of work ahead of us, whether we like it or not. And the more thorough your research is, the better chance we have of pulling this off legitimately. I need you guys. Now go on, get something to eat."

(Greg and Rick exit. The spell and the storm reach a crescendo.)

Barnan: "Send me that which will rid this land of the scourge known as Teiivio!"

(There is a big thunder clap, and Dean disappears.)

Greg: (peeking back inside) "Dean? Where the hell did he go?"

(Blackout on the office)

********************************************************************* ACT 1 SCENE 7

(As Barnan turns around, and by his stance, it becomes apparent that he is significantly aged by this spell, in fact he ages during it. When the smoke clears, we see Barnan looking around for his summoned monster. He sees nothing. Suddenly, Dean sits up, his clothing tattered.)

Dean: "What the fuh-" (he sees Barnan) "Allright, so where the hell am I?"

Barnan: "Oh no... Oh no, something's not right." (goes over the spell motions, mutters the words - makes sure it worked) (says to the sky) "What game is this - he's just a human!"

Dean: (to himself) "Okay, Dean, just calm down. You're in Central Park... with a guy in robes..." (faster) "Who's probably going to sacrifice you to Satan if you don't get the hell out of here-" (he begins to back off)

Barnan: "Where are you going?"

(Dean smiles, acts casual for a couple seconds, then bolts. A few seconds later, we hear a roar and then Dean yells. He runs back.)

Dean: "What the hell was that?"

Barnan: "Perhaps I should explain. You see, you're not in your own realm anymore-"

Dean: "Look, I don't want any trouble. If you let me go now, I won't press charges. I won't even let anyone know about you. What do you say?"

Barnan: "This is going to be difficult... Ah! As I recall, your planet has but one moon."

Dean: "Uh... excuse me?"

Barnan: "Earth has one moon, correct?"

Dean: "Okay, but what does this have to -"

Barnan: "Look up in the sky. Tell me what you see."

Dean: "Oh, no. As soon as I'm distracted, someone sneaks up behind me and rips my heart out or some shit like that - I don't think so."

Barnan: (growing irritated) "Just a quick glance ..."

(Dean carefully glances up, does a double-take.)

Barnan: "You see, you're no longer on Earth."

Dean: "Uh huh. There's got to be an explanation for all this-"

Barnan: "There is - I've been trying to tell you, now just listen - would you please just listen?"

Dean: "Sure."

(Dean is looking around, trying to get his bearings. Maybe planning another escape.)

Barnan: "I summoned you here to defeat an evil being named Teiivio. He has just escaped and will surely take countless lives unless he is stopped. My spell was to summon that which would defeat Teiivio... and it appears as if you are the one who is to do it."

Dean: "Wait - there's obviously been some misunderstanding. Why don't you just send me back where I belong and get someone else to do the job?"

Barnan: "It's not as simple as that. Even if I wanted to, I haven't got the strength to do it."

Dean: "So, I'm stuck here against my will?"

Barnan: "Yes, I'm sorry; I didn't expect the spell to select a sentient being, but we need you. You are the only one standing between us and annihilation."

Dean: "Well, I won't do it."

Barnan: "What?"

Dean: "You kidnapped me, violating my personal rights, and you think that gives you the right to tell me what to do? Nope. I'm not going to do whatever it is you have in mind."

Barnan: "I'm sorry you feel that way, but rest assured that once Teiivio has completed taking over this realm, he will soon travel to yours."

Dean: "That doesn't really concern me now, does it, since you said I can't go back, or were you lying?"

Barnan: "Allright, then. It does concern you that Teiivio will take over this world, since you're stuck here now, doesn't it? Do you want to see your new home destroyed? If you're lucky, Teiivio would just kill you. But he may decide to keep you around for his own amusement -"

Dean: "Don't try to threaten me!"

Barnan: "It is not a threat. It is in your own best interests to defeat Teiivio now that you are here."

Dean: (pause) "So what would I have to do, defend you?"

Barnan: "Yes! Yes, exactly!"

Dean: "Why didn't you tell me that to begin with?"

Barnan: "Now come along with me."

(Barnan exits.)

Dean: "Wait a minute, I haven't decided..."

(He looks back to where he heard the roar before and decides the best course of action is to follow Barnan. They cross around to where Kara and crew are on-stage with weapons, rope, nets, etc. waiting to ensnare the beast which Barnan summoned.)

Kara: "Where's this beast of yours?"

Barnan: "You won't be needing any of that."

Samal: "Why? Didn't you cast the spell?"

Barnan: "Yes, I cast the spell."

Jober: "You failed, didn't you, old man?"

Kara: "Either shut up or go to the castle with the rest of the children, Jober."

(Jober lunges at Kara.)

Barnan: "Please, no fighting! Oh dear ..."

(Dean enters, in time to see the very short fight. Kara humiliates him. Jober ends up on the ground, still. Probably just too embarrassed to get up. It must appear as if Kara is much better than Jober, not that Jober is a goon.)

Dean: "Ouch."

Barnan: "Kara, this is - what's your name?"

Dean: "Dean."

Kara: "He's the beast?"

Barnan: "I'm afraid so."

Kara: "This is the beast that's a match for Teiivio?"

Barnan: "Kara-"

Kara: (grabbing his hand and flipping it over) "How do you expect him to defend us? He's certainly not a warrior - look at his hands - these hands have never done work!"

Dean: "Hey, I work extremely hard! Just ask any... well - just because I don't have permanent grime under my fingernails doesn't mean I don't work."

Samal: "Barnan, can't you just summon someone else?"

Barnan: "No - there is no one else."

Nivek: "Are you sure you cast it properly?"

Barnan: "Yes, of course. I stood on the hill, gave the incantation, made the gestures - it's right. It has to be right." (Barnan looks at Dean.) "In some non-obvious way."

Samal: "Kara can protect us! She's never been defeated."

Dean: (to Kara) "Oh really? I don't suppose you could teach me how to do any of those moves you used on tough-guy over there, huh?"

Kara: "Why would I want to do that -"

Samal: "Actually, that's not a bad idea, Kara. He'll need some training by the looks of it."

(Kara glares at Samal. He draws her aside.)

"He's obviously not the right one for the job, but Barnan doesn't seem to know that, right? So just go along with it and humor old Barnan into thinking his Œbeast' is being prepared for battle, and then when the moment comes, you can be the one to kill Teiivio."

(Jober finally gets up.)

Kara: "I can't deceive Barnan like that."

Samal: "This is bigger than your respect for Barnan, Kara. Do you trust Barnan with all our lives?"

Barnan: "The magic's given me a puzzle, that's all. I know that he is the one who will defeat Teiivio. I don't know how he's going to do it - yet. For now, give him a room at the Inn, and I will meet with the rest of you after we've all gotten proper rest."

Jober: "How many people will die by then, Barnan? How many lives will Teiivio cut short?"

Barnan: (angrily) "I am well aware of what's at stake here, and I have a very firm grasp on what's going on - I certainly don't need to hear anything you have to say on the matter!... I'm sorry. I'm... We're all under an unbelievable amount of pressure now. Now go get some rest, please."

(Samal looks at Kara as if to say, "See?" Kara nods to Samal.)

Kara: "Barnan, I'm going to begin training him - he'll need some skill with a sword if he's going to do this."

Barnan: (distracted) "Yes, fine." (Barnan starts a fit of coughing. Kara goes over to see if he is okay. Barnan motions her away.) "It's nothing. Now run along."

Kara: (grabbing Dean) "Come on."

Dean: "Hey! What's your problem?"

Kara: "Just be thankful I'm left-handed."

(Nivek, Samal, Jober, Kara, Dean exit. Barnan is alone on the stage.)

Barnan: "... I cannot fail again..."

(He exits.)

************************************************************************ ACT I SCENE 8

(The Inn - Kara, Dean, Kara's group enter the Inn.)

Dean: "Quit shoving!"

Janna: "Leave him alone."

Kara: "Stay out of it, Janna."

Janna: (crossing to Dean) "But you're hurting him."

Kara: (muttering) "Oh, I haven't begun to hurt him yet."

(The guards laugh. Dean struggles free, but it's clear that Kara lets him go. She releases Dean to Janna, and they go to a table. Kara and the rest of her group go to another table. Leena enters with food for Kara's group, Dean and Janna. Leena looks Dean up and down. Leena exits. Kara sits facing the audience, glancing at Dean and Janna now and then, getting disgusted looks on her face.)

Janna: "You poor poor thing. Are you allright?"

Dean: "I'll live, thanks. This is so strange..."

Janna: "What is?"

Dean: "Well... this place. Two moons, everyone running around wearing strange clothing, you know. Well, I guess you don't. You live here."

Janna: (fingering his tattered clothing): "Is this what your people wear?"

Dean: "Yeah... - Well, no, not exactly. This has been through hell."

(Dean smells the food; it's good. He starts to eat.)

Dean: "So, what's her story?"

Janna: "Who, Kara? Oh, you mustn't mind her, she's just like all the others."

Dean: "Hmm. You know, at first I really thought this was some kind of hallucination or a dream... but now... This is just too weird..."

Janna: "You're the one Barnan summoned... You're the one who is to destroy Teiivio."

Dean: "Uh, that's not what I had in mind. They told me I'd be defending you guys, and I had to defeat Teiivio. Who is he, some tyrant or something?"

Janna: "In a way, yes. I'm sure it will all be made clear to you; Barnan is very wise, I'm sure he has everything under control."

Dean: "You know, in all this confusion, I've forgotten my manners. My name's Dean."

Janna: "Mine is Janna; I'm honored to meet you, sir."

Dean: (laughs) "Just call me Dean."

Janna: (smiling seductively) "You must be very powerful if you are the one..."

Dean: (slowly getting a grin) "I guess you might say I'm powerful. Just last week, I brought the government to its knees. That'll teach them to come after King Petrochemicals while I'm defending them."

Janna: "You are a great man in your world. Toppler of governments, defender of kings..."

Dean: "Yeah, I guess I am... Well, it's probably not what you thi-"

Janna: (covers his mouth gently with her hand) "Tell me more of your world, and your feats of greatness..."

Dean: "... Oh, where to begin..."

Kara: (standing up, crossing to Dean) "Look, Dean, finish up your food and get some rest." (in close) "You'll need it ."

Dean: "I don't know what kind of schedule you're on, but I just got up a few hours ago, and I'm not tired at all. Besides... I like it just where I am."

(Dean and Janna exchange smiles.)

Kara: "I'm not going to tell you again!"

Dean: "Good, then go away."

Janna: "Leave him alone. He's our defender now - shouldn't you be following his orders?"

Kara: (shaking) "You whore!" (She pulls her sword and tries to lunge at Janna. Janna screams. Her group pulls her off. Leena enters to see the scuffle, carrying a large mace.)

Jober: "Whoa, whoa!"

Nivek: (at the same time) "Hey, hold it."

Samal: "She's not worth it, Kara."

(Kara indicates she's done and they let her go.)

Leena: "Is everything okay in here?"

Dean: "That crazy bitch just tried to kill Janna!"

Leena: "Normally I don't interfere when these two go at it, but I have an Inn to run, and I won't have it being trashed by you two, do you understand?"

(Kara and Janna are silent.)

"Girls? Maybe you didn't hear me the first time. You won't be fighting in here again, right."

Kara: "Yes, ma'am."

Janna: "Yes, mother."

Leena: (leaving) "Good. I'd hate to dent my mace on one of your thick skulls."

Kara: (to Dean) "Meet me on the hill where Barnan summoned you at noon."

Dean: "Are you sure she didn't hurt you?"

Janna: (whimpering) "I really thought she was going to kill me this time." (Dean holds her, he is facing away from Kara; Janna is facing Kara. Janna smiles slyly at Kara while she's crying, showing us she's faking it.)

Kara: (exiting, to Samal) "Samal, tell him to be there at noon."

Samal: "Yes, ma'am."

(Dean and Janna sit down.)

Dean: "What's with you two anyway?"

Janna: "We used to be the best of friends, but we just grew apart. Now, she and the other women make fun of me because I'm different."

Dean: "You seem perfectly normal to me... Actually, you're incredible."

Janna: "Do you really think so?"

Dean: (nods) "Where I come from, a man would be a fool to pass you up."

Janna: "Enough talk. I wonder, how do the men of your world kiss?"

Dean: "You know, that sounded like a proposition."

Janna: "Trust your ears..."

(They kiss)

************************************************************************ ACT I SCENE 9

(There is a circle of people around a stake, to which a gagged person is tied. It's Amalasam, a princess.)

SONG: "Teiivio Is Redeemed"

Ravier: Blood of a virgin, spark of fire. Flames on the altar leap much higher, Dance and rejoice, prepare to burn her, Lord Teiivio shall soon return.

Mob: Dance and rejoice, prepare to burn her, Lord Teiivio shall soon return.

Ravier: Some who were raised on sheets of satin, Pray to Elestra, check their passions. I wouldn't do that if I could, I say live it up while the livin's good.

Mob: We wouldn't do that if we could, We say live it up while the livin's good.

(start build to raging, barbaric break down - dancing round the stake, screaming, building to a frenzied crescendo of sound and movement)

Ravier: Only one is the Lord, is the King of the Night. Mob: By his side when he comes we'll be ready to fight. Ravier: Full of blood and on fire are the moons in the sky, Mob: On the stake is our sacrifice ready to die. Ravier: Teiivio is redeemed and it's Reckoning Day.

(more explosive dance - going insane)

Ravier: So to you who complain that we ravage the land, Mob: He will mutilate you, every child, every man. Ravier: Let Elestra and Goodness be crushed to the ground, Mob: Evil days, Evil ways evermore to abound. All: Teiivio is redeemed and it's Reckoning Day.

Teiivio (offstage): "STOP!"

(The group readies weapons, spells, etc. )

Ravier: "How dare you profane this ceremony with your presence, heretic?"

(Teiivio walks in. By this time, he's no longer bloody, and he is wearing his sword. Most of the group is stunned.)

A few cultists: "Teiivio!"

Ravier: "Don't be fooled; this is merely someone who would follow in the great one's footsteps. Unfortunately, he knows nothing of the customs, and he must pay with his life. Tie him up with the other one. Tonight, there shall be TWO sacrifices in the name of our god."

(Several people walk up to him. A few people point crossbows at his head.)

Kritch: "Hand over your weapons."

Teiivio: (amused) "Certainly."

(He takes his sword out from its sheath. He hands it to Kritch, handle toward him. He takes it and the blade falls to the ground with a thud. He struggles to hold it up by tugging on the handle, but it's too heavy. It eventually lies flat on the ground. Kritch slips his fingers out from under it. All eyes are on Teiivio, suspicious and frightened. The people who have gone to get him and tie him up back off. Kritch eyes him very suspiciously.)

Teiivio: "Does this mean you won't burn me at the stake? Oh, and I was so looking forward to it."

Ravier: "You practice strange magic."

Teiivio: "Not strange at all, really. Just far beyond the comprehension of your pathetic little mind. Now, would you drop this laughable delusion of power you seem to have and follow me? Beautiful robe, by the way."

Ravier: "And why would we care to do such a thing? We already follow a very powerful god, named Teiivio. He has just returned to this world and will surely return to us and grant us great power when we sacrifice royal blood to him."

Teiivio: "Hmm, and what does Teiivio look like?"

Ravier: "You would seem to know that as well as I - you appear to have fashioned yourself in his image."

Teiivio: "Then perhaps I am Teiivio."

Ravier: "Hah! Don't be absurd! Our god stands taller than the tallest tree, breathes fire, and each of his 10 arms wields a different weapon of destruction!"

Teiivio: (laughs heartily) "I am honored by your exaggeration." (He bows.) "As it turns out, this body is all I require to achieve my goals. And one single sword will have to do as well."

Ravier: "I do not believe you!" (To the rest of the group): "Sacrifice her! Summon our god to us!" (They go to light the fire again.)

Teiivio: "No." (They don't light the fire.)

Ravier: "Do it, or I shall send you all to the Abyss!" (They go to light it.)

Teiivio: "Go ahead, let him send you. I've been there many times, and it's not nearly as horrible as he'd have you think." (Now, they're confused.)

Britz: "I humbly ask a question of you..."

Teiivio and Ravier:"Yes?" (They exchange annoyed looks.)

Britz: "If you are indeed our great god, could you give us a sign?"

(Teiivio gets his sword and gives Ravier the run-through. People gasp in surprise. Ravier drops.)

Teiivio: "If I were not Teiivio, I would be a fool to commit such a brutal act against one of his loyal servants; especially when he has only just recently escaped from a horrible imprisonment and would not be in a particularly good mood... However, if I were Teiivio, then I would be very... irritated by one of my own followers denying my identity. Now... will you all follow me as your true god?"

(Nervous chatter in the crowd.)

"I won't ask again."

Crowd: (they bow humbly)

(Teiivio hands his sword to Kritch. It's not heavy this time. At first, he is very surprised, but gradually he smiles; his god has come to him.)

Teiivio: "Clean it, and get rid of this corpse." (Kritch leaves.)

(Teiivio walks over to the stake and ungags the princess.)

Amalasam: (gasping, frightened) "Are you... Teiivio? Please don't kill me in some really really horrible disgusting manner so that my parents won't even recognize the body when they find it!"

(Teiivio's voice takes on a new quality, almost as if he is a different person.)

Teiivio: "Hush, child... Who are you?"

Amalasam: "I am Amalasam, daughter of Chirurlasam, king of Lasam. Please please please don't kill me - I promise I -"

Teiivio: (smiles pleasantly) "I have no intention of harming as beautiful a creature as you."

Amalasam: "I'm afraid I don't understand. You're not Teiivio?"

Teiivio: "And what does her majesty think?" (He begins to untie her.)

Amalasam: "You can't be; he's supposed to be some horrible beast. Besides, I can see in your eyes that you are a good man. But what are you doing here?"

Teiivio: "It is best that you not know, for your own safety. But may I ask you what on earth are you doing outside the castle?" (He finishes untying her.)

Amalasam: "I was looking - thank you - I was looking for adventure. Honestly, I just had to get out of there! I mean, what was I supposed to do? Stay there and get married off by my father to the prince of Nah-Yel, who just happens to be the biggest idiot I've ever met, just to strengthen his damned political alliance?" (in a polite whisper) "Besides, he smells, too... Evidently there's a shortage of soap in Nah-Yel.. or water. Anyway, why should my whole life be laid out before me - no choices, no excitement, nothing unexpected - just because my father happens to wear a crown on his head? Where was I? Oh! So, I crept outside the castle walls one night and have been living on my own for two entire days now! And to think my father would always insist on an armed escort of 5 of his best guards when I went outside to pick flowers. By the way, would you happen to know where I could get any more of these food packs? I'm just about out of them..."

Teiivio: "And this cult captured you..."

Amalasam: "Yes - it was horrible. They were going to sacrifice me to their hideous god. I always thought that it was a just myth, but they seemed to be too certain of it to argue with. But you've saved me from this horrible fate - thank you. What can I offer you in return? Treasure? Power? ...Companionship?"

Teiivio: (laughs politely) "My needs are simple, my beauty. You say that you were looking for adventure? You have found it. Even men like myself have powerful enemies who would attempt to destroy them. All I ask of you is this one favor: Seek out a withered old man, a mage of great power and knowledge. I would do the task myself, but he has somehow masked his presence from me. The last time I sensed him, he was somewhere in this region. Find him and report back to me, and you will have thanked me."

Amalasam: "But what of the other cults? They, too, may try to sacrifice me to their hideous god."

Teiivio: (Upset that there are no other evil cults - a little more evil in his voice) "This one is the only one within miles." (Now, back to his "good" voice): "They will not be a problem for you."

Amalasam: "Believe me, I would love to, but it seems so dangerous."

Teiivio: (walking up to her, his hand gently on her cheek): "I don't suppose I could... convince you, could I?"

SONG: "Do my Bidding"

Teiivio: Oh my innocent child, Dry the tears from your face. Close your eyes, take my hand. Steady your heart, Your adventure's about to start.

Please, my beautiful one, I require your assistance. I have rescued you dear. Do what I say, And you will repay What I've done for you today.

Do my bidding, serve my will. Empty your mind and embrace the chill. Do my bidding hear my voice. Ease your soul, Release control. An empty mind's quite grand you'll find, so Do my bidding, serve my will. Empty your mind and embrace the chill Do my bidding, serve my will. Do my bidding, serve my will.

Amalasam: (spoken) "I could have stayed in the castle if I wanted to keep taking orders from people."

Teiivio: Long ago, far away. I befriended a man. He saw fit to betray, Scattering lies, Took me by surprise, Wrongfully locked me away.

And after all of these years, I have finally escaped. Help me seek out this man, Tired and old, Evilly cold, Won't you please help me.

Do my bidding, serve my will. Empty your mind and embrace the chill. Do my bidding hear my voice. Ease your soul, Release control. An empty mind's quite grand you'll find, so Do my bidding, serve my will. Empty your mind and embrace the chill Do my bidding, serve my will. Do my bidding, serve my will.

Amalasam: "I'm really sorry about you getting imprisoned and everything, but I ran away on my own and I've got to make it on my own and..."

Teiivio: My dear, the world is cold, There are those who'd sooner Spit than care for you. Assist me, have adventure Come to you, Or think for yourself and lose.

Follow me. The choice is clear, follow me. Amalasam: I cannot resist your plea, Teiivio: Do my bidding, follow me.

Together: (break into improvised lyrics from the song over the chorus progression)

Together: Serve my will.

Amalasam: "How will I know when I have found the right man? And how can I defend against him if he finds out what I am up to?"

Teiivio: "You will know when you have found him - he will be older than any man you have ever seen... And he cannot harm you; you are innocent and pure."

Amalasam: "Fare well, friend! I shall return when I have found the rock the slime is hiding under!"

(She starts to leave.)

Teiivio: "Wait!" (to Greck) "You! Give her your best horse and escort her out of the camp."

(Teiivio waves jovially to her, and then spits after she is out of sight. His voice is back to its evil self.)

Teiivio: "I even disgust myself at times." (He looks up to the sky again and shouts) "Yet another piece in play, Elestra! And this one is so naive; she will serve me well! This is almost too easy..."

************************************************************************ ACT I SCENE 10

(Kara is on the hill. She looks very irritated. Dean enters, obviously still quite intoxicated.)

Kara: "This is the last time you'll show up late, understood?..."

Dean: "Hunh? - ok."

Kara: "I thought we'd begin with some stretching exercises."

Dean: "Sure, whatever."

Kara: "Do exactly as I do."

(Kara starts some basic stretches. Dean half-heartedly follows.)

"I said do exactly as I do."

Dean: "I did."

Kara: "Don't try to tell me that." (sniffing his breath) "How much did you have to drink?"

Dean: "Some, I guess. Look, this won't take long, will it - I'm really tired."

Kara: "You miserable excuse for a man."

Dean: "What - what? This doesn't have anything to do with me defending you anyway."

Kara: "Do you expect your breath to kill him?"

Dean: "Kill him? What?"

Kara: "Of course. What did you think you were brought here for?"

Dean: "What's his name - Barnan said I had to defend you. That's what I am, a defense attorney. He never said anything about killing anyone!"

Kara: "Oh, you fool! You don't even know what you're supposed to be doing!"

(She starts packing up her gear.)

Dean: "Where are you going?"

Kara: "I'm going to prepare myself for battle, because somebody's got to defend this village."

(She storms off, leaving Dean standing there. He stands there for a bit, shocked and pissed off, grabs his gear, and makes his way off in the other direction.)

************************************************************************ ACT I SCENE 11 - EndAct

(The Inn)

(Dean enters the Inn and sits down, obviously very irritated. Leena comes out of the back.)

Leena: "I thought you were supposed to be up with Kara on the hill..."

Dean: "Well, yeah, so did I. She got pissed off - mad at me and just stormed off and left me there."

Leena: (sitting down next to him)"What got her so upset?"

Dean: "I dunno."

Leena: "It wouldn't have anything to do with that jug of ale I'm missing, would it?"

Dean: "Well, maybe a little. Apparently, I have no idea what's expected of me here. I figured I'd be your defense attorney, just like I was back home."

Leena: "Did you always know what was expected of you back home?"

Dean: "Well yeah. I knew what I had to do and how to do it to get whatever I wanted."

Leena: "It sounds like you were very successful."

(Kara enters the Inn, sees them talking and hangs back to observe.)

Dean: (sadly) "...yeah..."

Leena: "Oh, I'm sorry, you must miss your home so much."

Dean: "Actually... no. Ever since I got here, I've been almost forcing myself to believe that I felt empty, that I missed someone or something... But I don't."

Leena: "Someday you'll find what you need."

Dean: "What are you talking about? I had what I wanted, and it wasn't good enough."

Leena: "But it wasn't what you needed."

SONG: "Where do I belong?"

Dean: Where do I belong? Funny thing called destiny. Where I've been nobody's there to care I'm gone. Now I'm here and it's not clear if I've the strength to carry on. Where is the music to my song? Where do I belong?

When is it my turn? Doesn't everybody need To be needed like a hero for a day, To be the knight in shining armor who must come and pave the way? How many lessons must I learn Before it is my turn?

Too many years of plastic smiles on parade, playin' the game. Great looks, great job, a Benz in the driveway. What on earth are these things worth When having that control Means emptying out your soul? I am alive and I must strive to right my wrongs. Where do I belong?

Leena: (spoken) "I don't know where you came from Dean, or what kind of person you were there, but it doesn't matter now. You're not there anymore; you're here. And we need you. You - not Barnan, not some magical spell, not anyone or anything else. You are the only one who can save us all, don't you see?"

(sung) Take a little time To see the world around you. It's too easy to let the years just pass you by. Broken hearts can never find true love until they learn to cry. Before the clock unwinds, Take a little time.

Dean: Too many years of plastic smiles on parade, playin' the game. Great looks, great job, a Benz in the driveway. What on earth are these things worth When having that control Means emptying out your soul? I am alive and I must strive to right my wrongs. Where do I belong?

Doesn't everybody need, Both: To be needed like a hero for a day, To be the knight in shining armor Who must come and save the day.

Dean: Where is the music to my song, Where do I belong? Where do I? Where do I? Where do I belong? Where do I belong?

Dean: "But how can I do what's expected of me? I'm just an ordinary person. There's absolutely nothing special about me."

Leena: "You must be more than you give yourself credit for, Dean, or else Barnan's spell wouldn't have brought you here. If he says you're the one, then you are."

Dean: "Back home, they could always find someone else just like me who would do the job if I didn't want it. Besides, Kara seems to be more qualified anyway."

Leena: "The magic seemed to think otherwise."

Dean: "But I can't kill him. I'm a lawyer - I don't kill people, I ruin them."

Leena: "We don't all fight in the same way. I know it's put you in an awkward position, but the choice is still yours to make... Have you heard what people have been saying about you?"

Dean: "What, that I can't possibly be the right man for the job?"

Leena: "No. They've been talking about their renewed hope, how you're going to save them all. They believe in you. It's time you believed in yourself."

(Long pause as this sinks in. The music for "Make It So" starts up, and Dean enters into a dance with shadows. At first, he dances similarly to the shadows, and gradually he breaks free, doing his own dance.)

SONG: "Make It So"

Dean: Every day we wait we're simply Just a few more hours closer, Closer to the day when we must die. How can you just stand there waiting For that day to come - you've got to Seize the moment, show the world you're here.

How can you stand there Sayin' that you're waiting for your ship to come in? It's never gonna happen till you shoot for the stars, Piloting the boat.

Every day we've Got to make the choice Whether to simply live, Or whether to make it so, Or Make it so!

(gradually, other villagers enter to see Dean)

It's been going on for so long, I don't even know for how long- How can you say you don't understand? People spend their lives a cryin' 'Bout their dreams that never seem To show their faces to reality.

How can you stand there Weepin' to the tune of an empty dream, That's never gonna be fulfilled Until you make it so, Or make it so.

Group: Every day we've Got to make the choice Whether to simply live, Or whether to make it so, Or Make it so! Make it so.

All: Every day we've Got to make the choice Whether to simply live, Or whether to make it so, Or Make it so! Make it so.


*********************************************************************** ACT II SCENE 1

(Feruq arrives at a small village. There are sounds of children playing, people laughing, etc. It is in the afternoon. There is a carpenter sawing some logs. She approaches him.)

Feruq: "Pardon me, sir-"

Carpenter: "Take hold of that end so it doesn't fall on your foot, lass."

Feruq: "But-"

Carpenter: "Hold it right... there ..." (Feruq reluctantly takes hold of the piece of the log that's about to fall. After a few more cuts, it falls into Feruq's grasp. The carpenter turns the log on its side and gets ready to chop off pieces - he's making a board.)

Feruq: "Sir, who's in charge of this village? I have a very urgent matter to discuss."

Carpenter: "That'd be me. What is it, lass?"

Feruq: "What I am about to say is not something that is easily believed."

Carpenter: "I have a hard time believing most things anyway, but go ahead." (He smiles pleasantly.)

Feruq: "There's a hideous evil beast which is heading in this direction. Its goal is to destroy everything and everyone in its path, and it won't rest until it's brutally killed everyone here."

(The carpenter stops chopping for a second. He looks at Feruq.)

Carpenter: "I see. And what, uhh -" (he begins chopping again) "- what do you propose we do about it?"

(Feruq seems astonished that the Carpenter is so calm.)

Feruq: "You don't believe me..."

Carpenter: "I haven't decided that yet. What do you suggest we do about it?"

Feruq: "Retreat to the nearest castle you can find; Lasam castle should be no more than a few days travel for you."

Carpenter: "And then what would become of our village?"

Feruq: "It doesn't matter what becomes of your village! The people would be safe! Don't you see, this thing will destroy any life it finds here!"

Carpenter: "Hmm. So, which hideous beastie is it? Do you dare say its name, lest it hear you and come running?"

Feruq: "Its name is Teiivio."

Carpenter: "Hmm... Teiivio, Teiivio - now where have I heard that name before? Ah, yes; my son's favorite storybook character. You know, he stages battles against Teiivio almost every day - wins them, too. Should I go get him for you? I'm sure he'd be a great help."

(He laughs.)

Feruq: "Please, you must believe me - I've seen what he can do."

Carpenter: "Joke's over, girl, now run along and have a good laugh with your friends. I'm sure they're hiding somewhere, watching all of this, hmm?"

Feruq: "What?... Sir, this isn't something I would joke about. I'm a Paladin - I am bound by my honor code to tell the truth!"

Carpenter: (more serious) "Look, I've got things to do, and I don't have time to continue playing along with your little prank. Now if you want to make yourself useful, start stacking those boards over there."

Feruq: "Why don't you believe me?"

Carpenter: "What uhh... what possible reason do I have to believe you?"

Feruq: "What would deception gain me?"

Carpenter: "Well, for one thing, your accomplices could be waiting until the whole place is evacuated and then come in and grab whatever isn't nailed down."

Feruq: "Are you implying that I'm in with the likes of thieves? How DARE you! I am a servant of Elestra! I would never stoop so low as to take what wasn't mine!"

(The Carpenter looks at her in disbelief.)

"I... I'm doing the only thing I could do - warn others. I'm in as much danger as any of you, yet I go forth to warn the innocent, whereas stubborn people such as yourself get in the way of my task!"

(She tries to cross the Carpenter, but the Carpenter holds his axe in such a way that she decides that's not the best idea in the world.)

"Sir, I am a trained warrior; you will not stop me from telling the others what I have told you."

Carpenter: "So, you think I've been a carpenter all my life, do you? You'll find out soon enough what I used to do for a living if you come any closer."

Feruq: "... I don't want to hurt you."

(Sounds of yelling and panic pretty far off.)

Carpenter: "Now look, I don't know who you are, or what the hell is wrong with you..." (smells smoke, looks offstage) "What's that? The village is on fire!"

Feruq: "I'm too late, he's here!"

Carpenter: "So is this what you're up to? You distract me while someone sneaks in and sets the place on fire?"

Feruq: "No!"

Carpenter: "I hope you burn in hell, you deceitful little demon!"

(He runs off.)

Feruq: "I didn't lead him here - I didn't lead him here." (She begins to cry.) "ELESTRA!" (She collapses. Blackout.)

********************************************************************** ACT II SCENE 2

(On the Hill. Kara is on-stage. Dean enters.)

Dean: "Thanks for giving me a second chance."

Kara: "Are you going to put forth some effort this time?"

Dean: "You'll just have to see, won't you?"

(Fade out. On fade in, we see some basic exercises for a couple seconds.)

Kara: "You're holding it wrong. It should be firm but loose, treat it as if it were part of you."

Dean: "Okay. How's this?"

Kara: "Much better, try it now."

(More combat.)

Dean: "Yeah, that feels better."

(Fade out. On fade-in, they are fighting with more skill.)

Kara: "No! You're doing it all wrong. How many times do I have to tell you - don't take that stance while blocking or your opponent can sweep your leg."

Dean: "Come on, I'm trying! You've been doing this for how long and you expect me to get it right in a couple days?"

Kara: "You're not concentrating."

Dean: "Yes I am, dammit, now go ahead. Do it again."

(Kara performs some move which Dean blocks with the sword. Kara promptly sweeps his leg and knocks him on his back.)

Kara: "You're going to have to do better than that."

Dean: "What the hell is your problem? I'm doing the best I can, Kara!"

Kara: "Well, if that was your best, hero, then we're all doomed."

Dean: "Shut up, I wasn't done talking yet."

Kara: "You're done talking when I say you are." (Kara knocks him down again.)

Dean: "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Kara: "I don't tolerate insubordination."

Dean: "And was it insubordination when you tried to kill Janna?"

Kara: "If I really wanted to kill her, do you think I'd have failed?"

Dean: "Don't change the subject."

Kara: "...She had no right to say that to me."

Dean: "So you attacked her. How's it feel behind that sword of yours, hm? What's it like to be able to just cut someone's tongue out instead of arguing?"

Kara: "I'm going to find out soon if you don't back off."

Dean: (walks toward her) "Are you that afraid of me?"

Kara: (makes blow-off noise, but backs away a bit)

Dean: "No, you are, aren't you? Because you're afraid I might see something you don't want me to see, so you keep me from getting too close."

Kara: "I don't want you getting close because I don't like you."

Dean: "You don't even know me - you probably don't really know anybody because you never give them a chance."

Kara: "Everyone has the same chances, but I make the best of them. I live to succeed, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that."

Dean: "If it's so wonderful being Kara the undefeated, then tell me why I've never seen you smile."

Kara: "Defending the land is an honor; it's not a game, and it's not fun. It's hard work."

Dean: "Then why do it?"

Kara: "It's my duty - something you wouldn't understand."

Dean: "So they expect you to do it because you're so good?"

Kara: "I'm growing tired of you."

Dean: "Why, am I getting close? - So what happens when you screw up - when you get defeated for the first time."

Kara: (more irritated, scared) "That's not going to happen."

Dean: "What will the villagers say about you then?"

Kara: (pursues Dean) "Shut up!"

Dean: "ŒOh, Kara wasn't any good to begin with.'"

Kara: (keeps pursuing him) "Shut up!"

Dean: "ŒIt was just a matter of time before she fell from her high horse.'"

Kara: "I'm warning you, you little worm -"

Dean: "I'm right, aren't I? The only way for you to go is down."

Kara: (finally has him cornered, puts the point of her sword against the bottom of his jaw) "I should just kill you."

Dean: "Then I'd be dead, and you'd still be a bitch."

(Kara hits Dean on the jaw hard. He falls to the ground and rubs his jaw a bit.)

Kara&Dean: (simultaneously) "I'm sorry."

(long pause)

Kara: "I've gotta go."

(Kara packs up and leaves. Dean gets up and exits. Dean enters his room, where Janna is already in bed, asleep. He puts down his gear, looks at Janna, turns back to look at his sword. He smiles as he looks at it. The smile stays for a while as he looks at Janna, but it gradually fades. He looks away.)

SONG: "Better Left Unsaid"

Dean: Did I ever tell you that you're beautiful? It's funny, I just noticed it today. Something in your eyes is just so beautiful. Behind your iron stare, I know the pain is there. Like my own it is not shown, We both keep it locked away.

And though I long to tell you all these Words within my head, Tonight I'll keep my silence On the things better left unsaid.

Kara: All of my life I have fought to be where I am now. I was so afraid you'd take it all away somehow. Never before have I felt what I think I feel now. How could you know what I had sworn to never show, And in your anger, in your fire, Somehow desire came where there was only fright, And I will dream of your embrace tonight.

And though the road to find true love Is one I long to tread, Tonight I'll keep my silence On the things better left unsaid.

Dean: Thrown into a world Kara: Living in a world Where I have no one. Where I have no one. At home a player, Alone always, Here some demon's pawn. But strong. Before I would chase I chose my place, Each flirting glance Sword in hand, And painted face. And soldier's face. Now with you Now with you All I knew All I knew Seems so wrong. Seems so wrong.

Both: And although I long to tell you all these Words within my head, Tonight I'll keep my silence On the things better left unsaid.

Dean: Something in your eyes Kara: Never before have I felt Is just so beautiful. What I think I feel now. Behind your iron stare, How could you know I know the pain is there. What I had sworn to never show, Like my own, And in your anger, in your fire. It is not shown. Somehow desire came where there Was only fright, We both keep it And I will dream of Locked away. Your embrace tonight.

Kara: And though the road to find true love Is one I long to tread. Tonight I'll keep my silence On the things better left unsaid.

Dean: And as I lie awake and long To call your name to bed, Tonight I'll keep my silence On the things better left unsaid.

Both: Tomorrow I might change my mind, And run to you instead.

Kara: But tonight I'll keep my silence.

Dean: For tonight I'll keep my silence.

Both: On the things better left unsaid. All these words are better left unsaid.

(After finishing the song, Dean goes off, deciding not to stay there. When he leaves, Janna sits up and looks off angrily in the direction he went.)

*********************************************************************** ACT II SCENE 3

(Barnan and a royal messenger come out of Barnan's hut.)

Barnan: (coughing) "Yes, I agree."

Messenger: "I shall inform the King that you have everything under control, Barnan."

Barnan: (looking at Amalasam, who seems to be sneaking around) "Did you say that the King was looking for his daughter?"

Messenger: "Yes, he fears for her safety."

(Barnan points to where Amalasam is. He exits.)

Messenger : (runs over to her) "Princess!" (drops to his knees). "Princess, the King has dispatched dozens of search parties to look for you. Elestra be praised, you are safe."

Amalasam: "And why would I not be safe?"

SONG: "My Mission"

Amalasam: I ran away from that dumb castle, With not too much of a hastle. I quickly brushed my hair then I was gone.

Two whole days alone and then, I met a very special friend. Tall, dark, and handsome, and he sings the greatest songs!

He got me out of quite a mess, And only made one small request. In spite of all the danger I agreed.

"Seek the oldest man you find, He will be evil by design. And when you find him come and report back to me."

I'm on a mission, My own command! My inquisition, To find an old and evil man. This is my mission, To assist my friend in need. For him I shall succeed.

I'm on a mission, Just me, in charge! The lead position, And I'm not even fat or large! My mission, Everybody bend your knee, And give your praise to me!

That old one there, he is the one. Messenger: But your highness, that's Barnan! Amalasam: Silence! I will not have you contradicting me. Messenger: Let's go back home so you can wed, Amalasam: No, to the woods to warn my friend. Messsenger: But, but - Amalasam: No but's, and come along with me.

Amalasam: I'm on a mission, Messenger: Please reconsider, princess. My own command! Please do not do it, princess. My inquisition, Mess.,Rh'Mel, and a few: Her inquisition? To turn in that old man! Barnan? Yes! This is my mission, To assist my friend in need. All: If it's what she wants, For him I shall succeed! Let's help to send her off.

I'm on a mission She's on a mission. Just me in charge. The lead position. And I'm not even fat or large! My mission, Her mission, Everybody bend your knee, And give your praise to me!

All: Praise, praise, praise, praise. Praise, praise, praise, praise, Praise, praise, on one knee.

We give! Amalasam: Give! All: Give our praise Amalasam: Your praise to me! I'm on a mission!

Amalasam: (to no one in particular) "I need two fresh horses."

(People still milling about, ignoring her. Jober walks on. She detains him.) "I need two fresh horses."

Jober: (looks her up and down) "You don't look that heavy."

Amalasam: "You would insult the princess of Lasam?"

Jober: "Look, girl, we're all getting ready to die here. Now, why don't you run along and play princess somewhere else, hmm?" (He exits.)

(Amalasam makes a frustrated, angry noise.)

Barnan: (enters from where Jober exited): "Forgive him; he's had a very rough time. Go to the stables and pick whatever horses you like, princess."

Amalasam: (suspicious of Barnan) "Thank you."

Barnan: "Going back to the castle, are you?"

Amalasam: "... Yes... exactly. That's where we're going. Back home to the castle. It's not safe out here, you know."

Barnan: "In that case, take the two black horses; they'll get you there the fastest. I wish you a safe journey, and please give my regards to your father."

Amalasam: "I will." (Barnan exits, coughing a bit.)

(to messenger) "Hah! There, see how easily I tricked him! My friend will be very proud of me."

(They exit.)

************************************************************************ ACT II SCENE 4

(Feruq is still in the village where the carpenter was. She has been hiding and comes out to see the destruction. She's covered in soot.)

Feruq: "No." (She looks around.) "Why didn't you listen?" (She looks down and picks up a burned rag doll.)

(Angrily and sad): "Did she put up much of a fight for the great Teiivio?... Elestra, why have you abandoned me?"

SONG: "Smoke and Mirrors"

(Throughout the song, Feruq is making an altar out of the wreckage. When finished, she places the doll on the altar.)

Feruq: As a child you would speak to me Like a mother, a loving mother, Caring for me, and telling me where to go. As a child I believed in you Like a father, a knowing father, Giving to me and showing me right from wrong.

Smoke and mirrors, Like painted glass. A life of chasing rainbows you know can never last. Smoke and mirrors, The prettiest of lies. What's the use of faith and prayin' when still the people die? Oh, I am choking and blinded. Smoke and mirrors, let me see....

As a woman, I've been there for you As a soldier, a loyal soldier, Fighting for you, defending you from wrong. As a woman, I have lived my life For your glory, your lasting glory, Having faith, that you would never lead me astray.

Smoke and mirrors, Like painted glass. A life of chasing rainbows you know can never last. Smoke and mirrors, The prettiest of lies. What's the use of faith and prayin' when still the people die? Oh, I am choking and blinded. Smoke and mirrors, let me see....

That foolish day so long ago, Gave you my heart, my life, my soul. Took what they said you said as law, My own conclusions not to draw. And after all these years I finally need you by my side And you are nowhere. Nowhere.

Smoke and mirrors, Entrap the child. Deceive her to believe That her praying is worthwhile. Smoke and mirrors, Please prove me wrong. Show me a sign, And let the faith I've carried carry on. Oh, I am choking and blinded. Smoke and mirrors, let me Smoke and mirrors, let me Smoke and mirrors, let me see. Smoke and mirrors, let me see.

(She collapses to the ground and cries. The altar falls. Fade)

************************************************************************ ACT II SCENE 5

(Amalasam and the messenger arrive at Teiivio's camp. Amalasam enters first. As soon as the messenger walks on-stage, Britz and Greck enter behind him, blocking his escape. When the messenger sees Teiivio and Kritch, he quickly turns around, but there is nowhere to go.)

Messenger: "We're going to die - we're going to die."

Amalasam: "You will be silent."

Teiivio: (walking up to Amalasam, embracing her) "Now, my dear. What news do you bring me?"

Amalasam: "Well, I saw this incredibly ancient man in Daulglenn village - he had to be the one. He went by the name of Barnan."

Teiivio: "He can change his name, but he can't change who he is..."

Messenger: "Princess, please! These people..." (Teiivio is glaring at him and making him nervous.)

Teiivio: "Do you have something to say to me?"

Messenger: ""

Teiivio: (calls Greck over to him) "You! Do you know of a Daulglenn village?"

Greck: "Yes, evil one."

Teiivio: "Good. Very good."

Amalasam: "I'm glad you're finally going to bring that scoundrel to justice."

Teiivio: "What is justice? This is revenge."

Amalasam: "Oh... Well, I suppose he deserves it."

Teiivio: "He does." (he moves away from Amalasam, breaking the embrace)

Amalasam: "And what will you do once you finish with him? Where will you go?"

Teiivio: "Anywhere I want to."

Amalasam: (going close to him, gently touching his arm) "Did I do something to upset you?"

Teiivio: (pulling away) "You're of no more use to me." (He grabs Greck.) "Do we have enough horses?" (Greck nods.) "Then kill theirs."

(Amalasam tries to slap Teiivio, but he doesn't even flinch; Kritch blocks it. This is enough to surprise the guards blocking the messenger's escape, and one of them turns his attention toward the princess.)

Amalasam: "You used me!... I trusted you!"

Teiivio: "tut tut tut Yes, implicitly. That was your mistake. Unfortunately, this lesson won't help you undo what you have done."

(Teiivio makes a gesture, and several cultists close in on the two. The messenger tries to escape, flailing about a lot - enough to distract their attention away from the princess, whom Teiivio stalks. The messenger is killed.)

SONG: "Do My Bidding" (reprise)

Teiivio: My dear, the world is cold. Did you really think that I would care for you? For your assistance, thank you, but you chose wrong. Alas, my dear, you lose.

Amalasam: How could I? Teiivio: Follow me. Why did I? Follow me. How could you lie to me?

Teiivio: You had no choice but to, Do my bidding, serve my will. Empty your mind and embrace the chill. Do my bidding, serve my will. Do my bidding, serve my will.

Teiivio: Do my, Amalasam: No! Do my, No! Do my, No! Serve my will!

(Amalasam flees. Teiivio makes a hand gesture, and Kritch aims a bow or crossbow in the direction where Amalasam fled. The scene fades out, and the sound of the firing weapon is heard, as well as Amalasam's scream of pain as she's hit.)

*********************************************************************** ACT II SCENE 6

(On the Hill. Kara and Dean are practicing again, but it's obvious that he's gotten quite a bit better. They're actually having fun. After a few minutes, Kara swings and Dean blocks it as in the earlier scene. Kara, once again, sweeps his leg, knocking him to the ground. She follows up, pinning him.)

Kara: "You'd better hope you never have to block a swing like that from Teiivio."

(Out of nowhere, Dean lifts his head and kisses her. Initially, she melts right into it, but after a few seconds pulls away, stands up, and takes a few steps back.)

"...umm, ahh.... We - you... still need to practice..."

Dean: "Kara..." (gets up)

Kara: "Please... just drop it..."

Dean: "But didn't that mean anything to you?"

Kara: "... no, should it have?"

Dean: "I was hoping it would."

Kara: "What about Janna?"

Dean: "She's not right for me."

Kara: "Then why were you with her?"

Dean: "If you don't expect love, then you can't be let down when you don't get it."

Kara: (pause) "Dean, do you remember what you said about me being afraid?"

Dean: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean -"

Kara: "You were right... I am so afraid I'm going to lose all I've worked for if I fail."

Dean: "Everybody fails, Kara."

Kara: "I'm not everybody."

Dean: "Failing doesn't destroy your accomplishments - it just makes you human."

Kara: "But I'm ŒKara the undefeated.' What would they call me if -"

Dean: "It doesn't matter. You're a strong, independent, forceful... beautiful woman, and nothing can take that away from you."

Kara: (pause) "Dean?" (Dean nods) "Thank you." (They embrace, pull apart a little, then kiss.)

SONG: "Stay With Me"

Dean: When I was young I would dream I could fly, Like a bird in the sky above. Became a man, put my feet on the ground, With no time to be bound by love. Kara: Well they say that for everyone there is someone Who can take away the pain and stay forever. Dean: And here you are before my eyes, And with that sight, My dreams take flight again.

Take my hand and run with me, Every night eternally. We will live the years together, Hand in hand and heart on heart. Kara: For my life has never known, A loving like the one you've shown. So I pledge here tonight, To spend my life by your side.

Dean: In my life I've always hoped and prayed For someone I could love. Now you're here, No more fears, Stay with me.

Kara: I fought so hard to keep control, I swore I'd never need someone. Now you're here, No more fears, Stay with me. Both: Now you're here, No more fears, Stay with me.

Kara: I'd watch others put on their best, In their quest for a woman or man. Wearing silk to go dancing at night, While I learned how to fight for our land. Dean: Well they say that for everyone there is someone, Who can take away the pain and stay forever. Kara: And your love is the silken robe I wear, I will be there for you each night.

Both: Take my hand and run with me, Every night eternally. We will live the years together, Hand in hand and heart on heart.

For my life has never known, A loving like the one you've shown. So I pledge here tonight, To spend my life by your side.

Kara: All alone at night I'd dream of a lover's kiss, His arms around me. Now you're here, No more fears, Stay with me.

Dean: So afraid to let another in, I build these walls around my heart. Now you're here, No more fears, Stay with me. Both: Now you're here, No more fears, Stay with me.


******************************************************************* ACT II SCENE 7

(Many warriors from the "for" side of "Listen to That" as well as Rh'Mel and his crowd are on-stage, as well as Kara's guard and Barnan. Feruq runs on, clutching her sword.)

Feruq: "Listen to me! Get out of here! Get out!" (She shoves someone.) "Run!"

Barnan: "Calm down - what's wrong? Why do we have to leave?"

Feruq: "I don't have time to argue with you, old man! Teiivio is on his way!"

Barnan: "Please-"

Feruq: "Get out of here or I'll kill you myself!"

Barnan: "Please calm yourself! We are well aware of the situation and are preparing the village for battle."

Feruq: "Are you insane? There's absolutely nothing you can do against him! I've seen how he handles resistance. He'll kill you all!"

Rh'Mel: "Oh, come off it. How much is old Barnan paying you to say that?"

Feruq: (surprised) "Who? You're Barnan of Daulglenn?"

(Barnan nods)

"I - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to... But nobody will listen to me - I had to do something! He completely destroyed a village not far from here - I can't let it happen again."

Barnan: "I have summoned a defender to defeat Teiivio."

Feruq: (excited) "Elestra be praised. Where is this defender?"

Rh'Mel: "So, child-"

Feruq: "My name is Feruq, sir."

Rh'Mel: (mock bow) "Rh'Mel. Pleased to meet you. As I was saying, I have a question for you. Tell me what this Teiivio looks like, would you?"

Feruq: "He is a bit taller than you, has long, black hair -"

Rh'Mel: "Wait - wait -wait. He's how tall?"

Feruq: "I said he's a bit taller than you."

Rh'Mel: "You see? She doesn't even know the legend! A bit taller than me. Hah! Barnan couldn't even get anyone convincing enough to play the part, you see? Nice try, old man." (He and his faction exit, mumbling.)

Nivek: "Um... He's not really that tall, is he?"

Feruq: "Of course he is, why would I lie?"

Barnan: "She is telling the truth. I am satisfied by her description that she has encountered Teiivio."

(Dean, Kara enter)

Barnan: "Ah, Feruq, I'd like you to meet Kara, our captain of the guard. And this is Dean, our defender. Feruq has encountered Teii-"

Feruq: (slight laugh of disbelief, looking at Dean) "What? Barnan, your accomplishments are legendary, but how can he -"

Barnan: "You're thinking like a warrior, Feruq. Not all battles are fought the same way. Teiivio will be here soon, we need to -" (Barnan goes into a severe fit of coughing. Kara, Dean, and Feruq take Barnan into his hut. Everyone else remains outside. Once they are inside the hut, they put Barnan in his bed.) "I stirred up the old magic too much for this frail body... Now I'm paying the price. Dean, I need to speak with you. Feruq, will you say a prayer for my soul when I'm gone?" (Feruq nods.)

Kara: "Barnan, I can't just leave you like this."

Barnan: "I want you to remember me as I was, not as I am now. Now go with my love, Kara. Whatever happens to me, I will never forget you."

Kara: (in tears) "Goodbye, Barnan." (exit)

Barnan: "There's something I have to tell you - something I could never confess to the others. And maybe my conscience will finally let me rest..."

Dean: (curious, uneasy): "Okay..."

Barnan: "Today, I am known as Barnan, but long ago, this world knew me as Bharoon. Teiivio and I were very much alike. Together we became infamous."

Feruq: "How could you have committed evil acts but be good now?"

Barnan: "I kept trying to make up for the void inside me by taking from others. But one cannot ever fill a void. In time, I saw that what I was doing was wrong, and I chose to change."

Dean: "Well what happened? With Teiivio, I mean."

Barnan: "To make up for all the evil acts I committed as Bharoon, I entrapped Teiivio. Now the time has come again, and it's up to you."

Dean: "I still don't know why."

Barnan: "You are the only one who needed to be here as much as we needed you."

SONG: "Here and Now"

Barnan: As evening steals the twilight, Behold the setting sun. Another journey finished, Another waiting to be begun.

Here and now I fight. Then and there I closed my eyes, And hoped that you were gone. Here and now I stand. Stand my ground, I finally found A way to make it right.

Dean: And I can still hear daddy, On the phone with me. "First place? Sorry that I couldn't be there. Gotta good...have fun..."

Here and now I fight. Not for daddy, not for fame, But finally 'cause it's right. Here and now I learn. Empty deeds can buy you praise, The price an empty soul.

Feruq: These eyes have been blind too long. A slave to words that may be wrong. I pray Elestra hear my song. Forgive me, cleanse me, guide my soul.

Here and now I fight. Not for churches born of man, But for my world tonight. Here and now I swear, Teiivio at last shall fall, Upon my word tonight.

Barnan: My past to plague my dreams no more. Feruq: My eyes and the world to explore. Dean: My heart at last an open door, Can I forgive you Father?

All: Here and now I fight... (right, tonight, etc.)

Here and now I swear. Teiivio at last shall fall, Upon my word tonight.

(Barnan dies. There is a pleasant smile on his face. Feruq performs the same kind of last rites she performed for her fallen Paladins. Dean and Feruq come out of Barnan's hut.)

Dean: "Barnan is dead."

Crowd: (various cries of "We're doomed!", etc.)

Dean: (shouting in a commanding tone) "NO!" (Panic subsides) "I know what I have to do now. Prepare the village for battle."

(Dean is trying hard to hide his fear. All but Dean and Kara exit. Dean looks at Kara and opens his mouth but can't say anything. Kara walks over to him and holds him. She pulls back.)

Kara: "I believe in you."

Dean: "I wasted all those years... From now on, I'll succeed because I choose to... And if I fail, at least I did it for myself."

(Kara and Dean exit.)

******************************************************************* ACT II SCENE 8

(Offstage, there are cries of death. One warrior is in the middle of saying "retreat" and is cut off - literally. On-stage are Feruq and a couple warriors. Teiivio enters.)

Teiivio: "Feruq! What a pleasant surprise!"

Feruq: (somewhat confused) "You mean you didn't know where I was?"

(Some cultists enter, and the other warriors engage in combat with them.)

Teiivio: "There was no need after what I set into motion. You know, you didn't give me much of a challenge during our contest."

Feruq: "I had no choice but to do as you asked, and you knew there was no way for me to win. Did it please you to see a servant of Elestra be put through such torment?"

Teiivio: "Torment is such a harsh word, my dear."

Feruq: "There will be no more torment. I'm going to teach others about you, tell them who you are and what you can do, so you won't ever be able to do this to anyone else."

Teiivio: (smiling, proud) "I wouldn't have it any other way, Feruq."

(He begins to cross her, but she remains in the same position.) "What is this?"

Feruq: "I can't let you pass."

Teiivio: "My dear, you know my place. Now know yours."

(Feruq braces herself for Teiivio's attack, which never comes.)

"Why would I want to destroy something I worked so hard to create?"

Feruq: (almost a whisper) "You can't, can you?"

(As this sinks in, Feruq realizes what he means. She fights her way toward the other end of the stage, helping to keep the battle away from Teiivio.)

"Follow me! Stay away from Teiivio - let our defender reach him."

(The full chaos of the battlefield makes it's way on stage as Dean, Kara, and the remaining villagers enter, as well as the remaining cultists.)

Teiivio: "Always these... delays..."

(The good guys are losing. Feruq succeeds in keeping the main battle away from Dean. Rh'Mel runs past Dean, frightened, frantic. He runs into Teiivio's back and falls.)

Teiivio: (Teiivio turns around and calmly but forcefully grabs him and lifts him up. Rh'Mel shakes with fear.) "Tell me, where is Barnan?"

Rh'Mel: "Barnan? Barnan's dead."

(Teiivio's face slowly twists in anger and frustration. He roars and kills Rh'Mel. He continues to bash his way through the battlefield until he reaches Dean. He and Dean are separated from the bulk of the battle. Dean is standing in front of Teiivio.)

Teiivio: "Step aside!"

Dean: (trying to have courage) "No."

Teiivio: "It's unlikely you'll stop me with that sword, but... if you insist..."

(Teiivio pursues Dean slowly. Dean backs away and then stops.)

Dean: "No. It's not that easy, Teiivio."

Teiivio: (laughs in disbelief) "How arrogant of you to think you threaten me. Now out of my way!"

Dean: "If you want to get past me, then you'll have to go through."

Teiivio: "Your father never bothered with you; why should I?"

Dean: (stunned) "...How did you -"

Teiivio: "Oh, yes. Daddy was never there to see his son's accomplishments, but he was always there to take the credit."

Dean: "What does this -"

Teiivio: "You tried your best to earn his recognition any way you could, whether it was right or wrong, but he didn't care. And why should he have, you worthless, unwanted child!"

Dean: "It's not my fault he didn't have time for me!"

Teiivio: "Perhaps if you'd won one more trophy, one more case, he would have shown you the love for which you starve. But you'll never have that now. You're stranded in this realm and are going to die by my hand."

(Part of the battle between the warriors and the cultists is moving closer to Dean and Teiivio. Kara is the closest one in the crowd.)

Dean: "No... It wasn't me, it was him. I won't let you twist this around!"

Teiivio: "Why do you continue to resist me? It will only prolong your anguish."

(Teiivio smiles in realization. Kara is a few feet behind him. He senses her fear of failure. Dean is uneasy because of Teiivio's smile. Kara sees Teiivio and lunges at him.)

Dean: "Kara, NO!" (Teiivio counters, and stabs Kara. Kara yelps. She falls between Teiivio and Dean. The world around Dean seems to get slower for a few seconds- and he stares at her, stunned. He cradles her in his arms. She is fading fast, and barely has the strength to look at Dean as he sings.)

SONG: "Stay With Me" (Reprise)

Dean: And take my hand and run with me, Every night eternally. We will live the years together, Hand in hand and heart on heart. For my life has never known, A loving like the one you've shown. So I pledge here to tonight To spend my life by your side.

In my life I've always hoped and prayed For someone I could love. Now you're here, No more fears, Stay with me.

Please don't leave...

(Kara manages a smile, closes her eyes, and is dead. Dean takes a few slow breaths, focusing. Teiivio readies his sword to decapitate Dean who is kneeling next to Kara's body. He raises his sword high and strikes. Dean blocks it with his sword.)

Dean: "Not yet."

(Dean stands up. Teiivio is shocked.)

Teiivio: (recovered from the shock) "You've lost the only love you'll ever know. How does it feel?"

Dean: "It hurts."

Teiivio: "Good. I feel your weakness."

Dean: "No. Not weakness. Humanity."

(Dean is stalking Teiivio, backing him toward the wall.)

Teiivio: "What would you know about humanity? Think of all you've done in your miserable little life for humanity. Nothing springs to mind, does it?"

Dean: "I can't alter the past. All I can do is make sure I don't repeat my mistakes."

Teiivio: "Assuming that I let you live, of course."

Dean: "That's not up to you. You'd have killed me by now if you had the power."

Teiivio: "I just haven't decided how long I'm going to torment you yet."

Dean: "There's nothing more you could do to hurt me."

Teiivio: "There's always something more."

Dean: "I'm going to stop you from hurting these people."

Teiivio: "They don't care what happens to you... Do you think your precious Barnan cared about you? Do you honestly think Kara pretended to love you for any reason other than to get you to fight me?"

Dean: "Don't talk to me about love! Kara helped me see things in myself that I thought were gone."

(An empty mirror frame flips into place behind Teiivio, and a shadow double of Teiivio on the other side of the mirror acts as his reflection.)

Teiivio: "And what about Bharoon? What did he help you see in yourself?"

Dean: "Bharoon died long ago."

Teiivio: "You fool! Bharoon set this up for my benefit. There was never a Barnan. It was his own way of deceiving these people, allowing the herd to grow fat while the predator rested."

Dean: (laugh) "Predator? You mean parasite. You're trying so hard to hide your jealousy, but you'll never know the peace Barnan found, the peace you crave so badly."

(Teiivio is backed up as far as he can go and is back-to-back with his reflection.)

Teiivio: "You have no right to do this!"

Dean: "Goodbye, Teiivio."

(The reflection suddenly turns around and pulls Teiivio screaming through the mirror, and the mirror disappears. With Teiivio's defeat, his minions soon retreat. The remaining good guys hold up their weapons and cheer. Dean walks away from Kara's body and stumbles, falling to the ground out of exhaustion. Jober makes his way through the crowd to see Dean. Gradually, people make their way off stage, and we hear them celebrating. Some people [Leena included] come on-stage to carry off the bodies of the fallen warriors, including Kara's. Jober is in high spirits and then notices Dean's expression.)

Jober: "Are you allright?"

Dean: "No."

Jober: "What's wrong? This is the greatest triumph of your life, and you're unhappy."

Dean: "She's dead, Jober. Kara's dead."

Jober: (gently) "She wouldn't have wanted you to be in despair in your greatest hour, Dean. The bards will sing of you for centuries, and the entire realm will know of your valor! This isn't a time for grief!"

Dean: (looks at Jober) "I don't care what the bards say about me. I loved her, and she loved me. That was the greatest triumph of my life..."

Jober: (Jober is silent for a bit.) "The celebration is in your honor. I'll wait for you there..."

(Dean doesn't appear to hear him.)

Dean: (seeing Leena) "Well, you don't have to worry about Teiivio anymore."

Leena: "I wasn't worried about him; I was worried about you. They told me Kara died in the battle."

Dean: (nods) "Some hero I'm supposed to be. How could I let her die?"

Leena: "It's clear to me that you've learned all about the things in your life that you can control. Now you have to realize that there are some things you can't."

(Leena exits)

Dean: (Long pause. Then, to the air) "Well I did it, Barnan. He's dead."

Barnan: (unseen by Dean / as a spirit or soul) "And so he will remain as long as his memory is kept alive."

Dean: "Barnan?"

Barnan: "You still need me, at least for the moment. That's why I'm here."

Dean: "He killed her..."

Barnan: "I know, I'm sorry..."

Dean: "I never had anything before that was so... real. I finally find someone I want to spend my life with, and - and she's just - she's ..."

Barnan: "Kara was a good person. We all feel her loss, but there was nothing you could have done to help her."

Dean: "It doesn't mean anything - it doesn't bring her back - it doesn't make the pain go away. I lost her. I kill your fucking demon and what the hell do I get out of it? Nothing!"

Barnan: "Stop talking nonsense! Do you truly believe that you haven't gained anything here? You've lost Kara, yes... and the void inside you will ache for a long time - but do not ignore what you've gained. Don't you dare throw all that away after what you've been through. Don't sacrifice yourself for the sake of her memory."

Dean: "But I'm stuck in a world where I'm going to be celebrated as a hero, and it means nothing to me without her to share it. There's nothing here for me now."

Barnan: "Then would you like to go back?"

Dean: "But I thought you said -"

Barnan: "I'm no longer constrained by that fragile body. I can send you back if you truly want to go."

Dean: "I do... You know I'll miss this place."

Barnan: "Then take it with you, in your heart. This world will always be a part of you."

Dean: "I won't forget what I've learned here."

Barnan: "I know... Safe journey, friend."

(He is sent back. Enter Jober)

Jober: "Dean?..."

(He looks into the mirror frame.)

"We'll be ready for you next time."

(Feruq enters in time to see and hear this.)

Feruq: "As long as we're ready, there won't be a next time."

FINALE: "Move on, but Remember"

(We see this in levels; Dean back in his office alone, Barnan above and behind all, Feruq making her way apart from the celebration center stage with Leena and the rest. The contrast between them is sharp and glaring, not melting away until the very end when they all have the strength to sing "Move on...")

Feruq: Stole my innocence, gave me wisdom. Stole my purity, taught me sin. Sometimes being blind, you're better off Than having eyes to see The world we're living in.

You were evil, I was righteous. I believed what I'd been taught. You raped my faith and left me there to bear, Independent thought.

In all my life I was, Never to think, always believe, Not to question when or why. You drew me in, there was Never a choice but to heed your voice, No way for me to win.

Then, I was choking and blinded. Now all too well I see.

Barnan: This life had gone on too long, My fear of you a chain too strong. You cannot run from what's inside, You cannot simply close your eyes.

And the time has come for me, To begin again, unhindered by what I used to be, Now that I'm free, Of Teiivio.

The way at last to break my chains, Wasn't locking you away, and the answer I finally know, Was letting you go. Teiivio.

Dean: Everything about your love was beautiful. Your smile, your eyes Were blessings that I counted every day. Teiivio you bastard! And I don't understand. I don't want to understand. But somehow I must go on, Somehow I must find a way.

And though I must learn how to live My life without you near, Tonight I'll sing "I love you" to the sky, Praying you can hear.

Leena: Free yourself from chains that bind you. Learn from the mistakes behind you, Move on, but remember. Remember, but move on. Love the life you're given, Mourn a loss, but keep on livin' Move on, but remember. Remember, but move on.

Feruq: Sworn to teach and remember, Damned and chosen am I.

Barnan: Never again to run from me. Feruq: No longer blind, condemned to see. Dean: At last my life to live for me, I won't forget you Kara.

D,F,B: Here and now I fight. Not to let myself be chained, A slave of myself. Here and now I swear. To remember what has passed, But always to move on.

Leena: Yesterday may bring you sorrow, Do not sacrifice tomorrow. Move on, but remember. Remember, but move on. When the world looks hateful, Remember you have eyes, be grateful. Move on, but remember. Remember, but move on.

All: Free yourself from chains that bind you. Learn from the mistakes behind you, Move on, but remember. Remember, but move on. Love the life you're given, Mourn a loss, but keep on livin' Move on, but remember. Remember, but move on.

Yesterday may bring you sorrow, Do not sacrifice tomorrow. Move on, but remember. Remember, but move on. When the world looks hateful, Remember you have eyes, be grateful. Move on, but remember. Remember, but move on.

Move on. Move on. Oh. Move on.

(Fade to black) THE END


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